Board of Directors
Don Cash - South East District Director

I have raised poultry for many years, almost continuously. There were some breaks during work and family years and during heavy travel times. We have been blessed to be a part of Church partnerships which have allowed many trips to Brazil and India as well as several portions of the US. I have raised several breeds and varieties overtime, from Japanese bantams to Plymouth Rocks. Like many, I first acquired a small group of EEs which led to finding true Ameraucanas. There is an old saying, "it takes no more feed for quality birds."

We resigned from corporate work some years back hoping that we would have greater flexibility to travel for Missions work. Currently our work schedules vary with many types of projects/jobs. But we try to find some time to keep and raise a few youngsters each year. We have been blessed acquiring birds from show flocks from several good breeders across the states.

There is an unprecedented interest in the breed in the South East. I hope that we can keep some momentum moving forward on the Ameraucana Breed in the region. Please let me know if we can help you with club business. We will try our best to help get answers as needed.

Email Don Cash.