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Club shirts
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I had a graphic designer draw a line sketch for the hats that we had done up.  The digitizing of that head sketch was only 45.00 ~ I thought that was pretty good for an image. It is the right size for patches, hats or shirt fronts.

The club logo does not appear to have that many stiches in it.  I would think that you could get it digitized for under $100.00, one time fee, then you would only need to pay for the embroidery and the item that you have it embroidered on.

We will have the hats at a table in the \"ameraucana central\" sale area at Indy, and will be offering the hats for 12.00 each if anyone is interested.  We only made up 4 olive and 4 grey as extras. If there is more interest, please do let me know in time to have more made up.