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Offsite Silent Auction Bidding is Now Open!
« on: September 28, 2018, 07:28:26 AM »
Updated! - 9/28/18
2018 Silent Auction - Off-Site Bidding is now Open!

Continuing our (new) tradition of offering items, available both for those present and those anywhere in the US, to bid on some great items in our 2018 National Offsite/Onsite Silent Auction.  Bidding is now open for the items listed below as Offsite Silent Auction items.

To place a bid, just send an email to, with "Silent Auction" in the subject line, with your bid amount.  All bids are sealed until October 6th, 2018, when the winner of each item will be announced.  Bids must be received by 10/5/18 at 5PM EST.

If you are the winning bidder, you will be invoiced via Paypal for your winning bid amount.  Please note: all items include the cost of shipping, so all you will pay is whatever you have bid.

1. 10 Black large fowl Ameraucana chicks, by Susan Mouw (SC). Bid includes shipping, paid by donor. Reserve Met.

2. 10 large fowl chicks from blue x blue lines (could be blue/black/splash), by Susan Mouw (SC). Bid includes shipping, paid by donor. Reserve Met.

3. 10 large fowl chicks buyer's choice of black, blue, splash and white, by Paul & Angela Smith (TX). Bid includes shipping, paid by donor. Reserve Met.

4. 1 Doz Eggs (large fowl) - buyer's choice of black, silver, or buff, by Jeff and Sherry Vance. Bid includes shipping, paid by donor. Reserve Met.

5. 1 Doz Eggs (bantam) - buyer's choice of black, wheaten, blue wheaten, or white, by Jeff and Sherry Vance. Bid includes shipping, paid by donor. Bidding starts at $10.00.

If you are an ABC member and would like to donate something to the Offsite Silent Auction, email me at, as soon as possible. We will take donations up to 10/1/18. All bids are sealed, no one knows who has the high bid or what the high bid is until the envelopes are opened at the National.

You must be a resident of the continental US for these items, or make arrangements for items to be shipped to a US address! No out of country shipping on any of these items. Shipping will begin in the Spring 2019, and the ABC will assist in coordinating the communication between the winning bidder and the donor of the items. You do not need to be a member of the ABC to bid!

You can bid as many times as you want. While onsite bidders will have up until the auction ends to enter a bid, offsite bidders must submit their bids to by Friday, Oct 5th at 5PM EST. Send your bid with the following in the subject line: "Silent Auction Bid", and please include your name, street address, city/state/zip, and phone number, along with the item you are bidding on and the amount of your bid in the body of the email. NOTE: No bids will be accepted without a physical street address!

In the case of more than one bid having the same amount and being the highest bid, those bids with the highest bid on them will be folded up, put back in the envelope, and one bid will be drawn. So, for example, three people bid $50 on the same item and $50 is the highest bid on that item. Those three bids are folded up - so no one can see the names - and placed back into the envelope. Larry Clionski, or his appointed representative, will draw one of those bids and that becomes the winning bid.

All onsite winning bids must be completed and paid for before removing the items. All offsite winning bids will be notified by email and invoiced via Paypal the week following the National Meet.

All proceeds from this Silent Auction are used for next year's National Meet.
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