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Author Topic: Great article on what creates the plumage color of a self blue Ameraucana  (Read 192 times)

Lindsay Helton

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I included a few excerpts below.

“Light and electron microscope studies have revealed that, although lavender melanocytes possess relatively normal dendrite morphology, there is defective peripheral accumulation of melanosomes to the dendrites [2]. This results in the patchy transfer of melanosomes into the keratinocytes of the growing feather. The dilution effect is essentially the result of a mixture of pigmented and unpigmented regions within the feather barbs.”

“ is postulated that the dilution phenotype is caused by the inability of Mlph to bind Rab27a and link it to MyoVa.”

“Here, we present strong evidence that lavender in the chicken is caused by a single nucleotide substitution in the MLPH gene.”

“MLPH is located on chicken chromosome 7.”

“For the 159 individuals tested in this manner, we found complete association between the lavender allele and the presence of the C103T SNP: all 46 individuals with the lavender phenotype were homozygous for the 480-bp allele and all birds known to be heterozygous for LAV*N/LAV*L (offspring of four lavender dams mated with a wild-type sire) were heterozygous at C103T.”

“Sequence analysis of the coding sequence of MLPH revealed a non-synonymous substitution in exon 1 that segregated perfectly with the LAV*L allele.”

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