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We hope to have some eggs and stock available in Black LF, Blue LF, White Btm and Buff Btm in the weeks ahead now if the birds will continue to lay. We might have some Self Blue bantam eggs available a little later. All these are from show lines. It would be great to have some local breeders partner to progress some of these birds in our region. Feel free to contact me to discuss the various lines.   

We still have some nice Black LF and Blue LF AMs laying well.
And our White bantam AMs are still productive - also Andalusian LF and Blue/splash Sumatra btm.
These are great hearty stock that have really performed well from the first of the year even without lights. Please drop me a note if you want to try to meet to transfer some eggs before they slow down for the spring. 

We have eggs for White bantams and maybe some Wheatens.  We are almost caught up with LF Black and Blue egg orders, the other varieties are slowing down, but we are able to meet folks in our area for these eggs also. No shipping at this time.  Thanks!     drc   


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