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Yellow skin- A disqualification for Ameraucanas
« on: September 30, 2020, 01:05:00 PM »
I often see posts from folks asking if the birds they have purchased are Ameraucanas or EE’s.

One disqualification (a deformity or defect serious enough to debar a fowl) that you can watch for to quickly identify an EE/mixed bird is yellow skin. Ameraucanas should have white skin, not yellow skin.

The gene that is responsible for white skin is dominant and wild type. The yellow skin gene is recessive to white skin. Both white skin and yellow skin can affect the epidermal layer of skin.

To double check the skin color of your birds, take a close look at their foot pads. The foot pads on an Ameraucana should be white. You can also take a look at the beak and shanks. Yellow, willow or green tints in these areas are indicative of yellow skin which is a disqualification.
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