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Exhibiting & Promoting / It\'s time to start plans on the 2012 National
« on: December 26, 2011, 10:19:39 AM »
I\'d appreciate input especially from potential exhibitors at the 2012 national which will be Oct. 27 at Sedalia, Missouri.

First, what do we want for awards this year?  My source for making the plaques is now retired and doesn\'t do any trophy work anymore.  We will have to totally start over.  Hopefully I\'ll be able to find someone in Denton or Sherman willing to make the brass plates and I\'ll do the wood and assembly work.  We still have some walnut lumber.  Aretha Mahan painted plates and mugs for the BV and RV respectfully.  Do we want the painted awards again this year?  If so I\'ll need to get Aretha started painting them.

Received a suggestion of having an Ameraucana seminar along with the National meet!  It could be a very good tool to help new comers in Ameraucanas and help others who are undecided-to come on in!  Any thoughts?

We will need motel accommodations for the ABC.  We used the Best Western near the state fairgrounds in 2005.  They even set-up a buffet dinner for us for Saturday night.  Any suggestions?

In the past the adjacent barn has been used as a sale barn for poultry.  Do we want to keep the Ameraucanas together as a group or scattered through out the barn?

Do we want to have an egg contest?  If so-any volunteers to run it?

An ABC table promoting the breed will also need to be run.

Anymore suggestions will be appreciated.

Paul Smith

Exhibiting & Promoting / Meet Request
« on: December 13, 2011, 11:14:31 PM »
  We had a request for Ameraucana meets for two double shows in Hutchinson, Kansas-April 14 and Nov. 17, 2012.  Two meets for Sedalia, MO.-April 21, 2012 and an additional meet for our National meet-Oct. 27, 2012-Sedalia, Missouri.  All of these shows are double judged.  I would like input on double shows-points-club awards!
  Anyone interested in requesting a meet for these-please let me know ASAP!
Paul Smith

Ameraucana Marketplace / Request needed for Colorado State Meet
« on: May 20, 2011, 09:36:35 AM »
Does any ABC member want to request a Colorado State meet at Pikes Peak Poultry Association Show to be held Sept. 24 in Pueblo, CO.  at the Colorado State Fairgrounds?  Breed club meets are being solicited.

Paul Smith

Ameraucana Marketplace / South-Central District Meet
« on: December 29, 2010, 10:14:49 AM »
The Oklahoma State Federation show had a full house with 4500 head of birds from 30 states.  The two show barns were full and a sale area had the third barn full.  This was our South-Central District Meet.

There were 13 large fowl Ameraucanas shown by 4 junior exhibitors.  McCormick Snyder had the BV black on a pullet which also won BB.  Seth Everett had the RV black also on a pullet.  McCormick also had RB with the BV blue pullet.  Rachael Snider had the BV blue wheaten on a pullet.  Matthew Smith had the BV and RV on a wheaten cockerel and pullet respectfully.  The jr. show was judged by Pat Malone from Texas and Butch Gunderson from Wisconsin.

Twelve large fowl Ameraucanas were exhibited by three exhibitors in the Open show.   Paul & Ronda Caruso had the BV buff on a cockerel.  Rachael Snider had the BV blue wheaten on a cockerel.  Angela and I had RV also on a cockerel.  We also had BV on a blue pullet, BV on a black pullet, RV on a black cockerel, BV on a wheaten cockerel and RV on a pullet.  The pair of wheaten were selected as the BB and RB.  Jim Sallee from California judged the open Ameraucanas.  I didn’t see any bantams this year.

We made photos of all the BV and RV except the Jr. BV black pullet which was also BB.  She was cooped out earlier-before I made photos.   Some fanciers in the North left early to beat the blizzard that was coming into their areas.  We managed to miss it as it went to the East before pushing further South.  Monday morning it got down to 19º-the coldest so far this winter season.  It was in the 70’s by Wednesday.

We will get the photos posted ASAP.

Ameraucana Marketplace / Meet Request
« on: December 03, 2010, 09:29:23 AM »
Does any ABC member want to request ABC meets for the Missouri State Poultry Association Shows in Sedalia, Missouri on April 16, 2011 and Oct. 22, 2011?  Both are one day double shows.  I am considering the Oct. 22 show to be our SC district meet.  It is only 6 days before our national in Indianapolis!  Our 2012 national will be at this show.  Any ABC member requesting meets is expected to show some Ameraucanas, so the meet report will not come back-\"none shown\".
Paul Smith

Ameraucana Marketplace / Meet Request
« on: December 03, 2010, 09:24:22 AM »
Does any ABC member want to request ABC meets for the Heart of America Kansas Classis Shows in Hutchinson, Kansas on April 9, 2011 and November 19, 2011?  Both are one day double shows.  Any ABC member requesting meets is expected to show some Ameraucanas, so the meet report will not return-\"none shown\".
Paul Smith

Ameraucana Marketplace / 2010 Ameraucana National Show pictures
« on: November 01, 2010, 02:12:06 PM »
ABC Exhibitors arriving at show, preparing birds for the show, visiting.

Ameraucana Marketplace / 2010 Ameraucana Show Report
« on: October 25, 2010, 11:27:49 AM »
The national Ameraucana meet is now history!  It was held at the Bluegrass Poultry Association Show on Oct. 23, 2010 in Frankfort, KY.  It was a great success for our breed!  One hundred-fifteen large fowl and 113 bantam were entered from 13 states with only a few no shows.  Tim Bowles judged both the bantams and large fowl.

The blacks were the largest class in both large fowl and bantams.  The best of variety black in the bantam class was a pullet by Robert Walchak and his cockerel was RV.  Mike Gilbert took top places in the blues with a pullet and cock respectfully.  Robert Walchak filled the top of the blue wheaten class with his pullet.  Mike Gilbert\'s cockerel from his Res. trio filled the RV.  Robert Walchak\'s brown-red cockerel took the top honors in the brown-reds and Neil Townsend\'s cock was RV.  Mike Gilbert won the buff class with his cockerel and John Blehm filled the RV with his pullet.  John also had the top silver with his pullet and the RV honors went to Neil Townsend on his silver cock.

Top honors in the white class were claimed by Robert Walchak with his cockerel which also won BB, Best AOCCL and champion Ameraucana.   The reserve white went to Jerry DeSmidt on his pullet which also won Reserve Breed and Reserve AOCCL.  The AOV class had a pair of Blue Golden a cock and hen by Jerry Segler.  There were several lavender-the top spot was a pullet by John Blehm, which was also the RV of the AOV class.  The RV lavender was also a pullet, shown by Jerry Segler.  The best AOV was filled by a splash wheaten by Jerry DeSmidt.  Jerry DeSmidt also had the top scoring bantam display with 51 points in whites.  Mike Gilbert showed the top two trios.  The reserve trio was a set of blue wheatens and I think the champions were wheatens.  Sorry it didn\'t get recorded.

Mike also had the top bantam pullet eggs and Robert Walchak had second with pullet eggs.  There were not any bantam hen eggs shown.

The large fowl blue class was topped by Tom Kernan\'s cockerel.  Jerry DeSmidt had the RV also on a  cockerel.  Tom Kernan\'s two blue wheaten cockerels claimed the top spots in the blue wheaten class.   James Fegan\'s cock and cockerel respectfully won the top two spots in the brown-reds.  Jensen Pierson\'s buff hen claimed the BV and Larry Clionsky\'s buff pullet was RV.  James Fegan took both the top silvers with a hen and pullet respectfully.  Barbara Campbell won the top two wheatens with a cockerel and pullet respectfully.

John and Ann Foley won the whites with a cockerel and a pullet respectfully.   There were a pair of lavenders by John Blehm in the AOV class.  His pullet was BV lavender and the cockerel was RV laveneder.  The BV in the AOV was a splash cockerel by Jerry DeSmidt.  Paul & Angela Smith had reserve AOV on a splash pullet.  Now for the outstanding black class!  The BV was a pullet shown by James Fegan purchased as a chick from John Blehm.  She also won BB, BAOSB, Res. Ameraucana and Champion Large fowl of the show.  The RV was also a pullet shown by Tom Kernan.  She was also RB and RAOSB.  The best large fowl eggs were by John and Ann Foley.  The best display with 130 points was blacks by Jensen Pierson.  Twenty-three exhibitors from 13 states made this a very successfully national Ameraucana meet!

A brief ABC meeting was held.  Reports were given (minutes, sect. report, treasure report, bantam portrait, lavender update, future national meets)  Jeannette Franks was awarded the ABC lifetime achievement award, then we adjourned for the awards presentation and a meal.
Oops!  I almost overlooked the jr. show, which was held in the adjacent barn.  Matthew Smith had the top two blacks which won BB and RB.  Matthew\'s pair of wheatens also won BV and RV.  Sorry I didn\'t get the jr bantam show results.  Maybe Patty Pickard could fill us in.  Things happen fast with a one day show!  Angela and I managed to get photos of all the BV and RV bantams and Large Fowl in the open show.  Matthew took many photos of the exhibitors.
The photos will be posted ASAP.

Ameraucana Marketplace / 2010 National Wish List
« on: September 18, 2010, 10:37:17 AM »

Wish List?  Should I say muchly needed list!

We haven\'t brought in any new blood since 2005 for our black, blue , splash lines and since 2007 for our wheaten lines and now it is imparitive that we do to prevent inbreeding them.  All our chicks are toe punched at hatching and pen bred under controlled matings or by now they would be highly inbred.

We need black, blue, splash wheaten, blue wheaten and splash wheaten cockerels or will use pullets and raise breeding males from them.  We have found a pair of lavenders from South, TX. but could use an additional pair or trio of lavenders for our start in them.

We have a few good black, blue, splash, wheaten and blue wheaten breeder birds either for sale or trade for what we need to keep our flock advancing.

All our birds were vaccinated for Mareks at hatching (Feb.15-June 3), for Pox on July 17, for LT on July 2 and second dose LT on August 13.  We prefer vaccinated birds but it isn\'t a requirement.

Looking forward to the National.

Paul Smith

Ameraucana Marketplace / South-Central District Meet Info.
« on: September 16, 2010, 10:21:15 AM »
If you have received your news letter and read my report, there is a change to make.  The Oklahoma State Poultry Show is no longer hoping for 10,000 head.  Entries will be limited to the first 4500 birds!  They will fill-up and turn entries away-so enter early!  This show is the APA national this year.  A banquet is scheduled for Sat., Dec. 11 @ 7:00 PM at the conference center there on the show grounds.  Send entries ASAP to:
Steve Jones
PO Box 741146
Dallas, TX. 75243
Entries close November 15, but they will fill-up before then.

Hope many ABC members come.
Paul Smith

We are offering potential show quality day old large fowl Ameraucana chicks in black, blue and splash again this year.  Most of our birds are bred by families.  A breeding pen consist of hens and/or pullets which are full siblings mated to either a non-related or distant related male.
Each breeding pen is assigned a number from 1 to 15.  If we have more than 15 we use a + to allow for an additional 15 pens.  The pen’s number is written on the eggs when they are collected each day.  The eggs are sorted by this number before being placed into the incubator.
Eighteen days later, when they are placed into the hatching trays each number group is individually partitioned.  The trays also have a lid to contain the chicks.  When the chicks are removed from the trays they are each toe punched according to their assigned number.  The code is
1, 2, 4 and 8.  Starting with the bird’s left outside web being 1, moving left to right, and ending with the right outside web being 8.  The plus system uses the same code with the wholes opened up with a slit.  This allows us to know how all birds that we produce are bred, and our customers to know which birds are siblings.  It requires a lot of extra time and effort, but we feel that it is worth.  If a genetic problem arises it can be traced, but the main benefit is to know how to match the birds in the fall for the next crop.

We feel this identification system has helped us to breed the many champions that we have had the past decade.  We have shown under many different judges from all over the US, and none have made any remarks on the show cards about the wholes or slits in the birds webs.  We have a grand master in black Ameraucanas.  Having bred and raised registered Duroc hogs for over 25 years, I’ve learned how important an identification system is, to keep breeding records.

We are offering day old chicks from seven hatches this year-each at two weeks apart-starting March 1 and ending May 24.  Presently we have orders for 200 but should have about 500 more.  Last year we sent out over 700 and added one more state, making 39  that we have sent our Ameraucanas.  We have a 10 chick minimum so they will stay warm enough during shipping.  They are straight run only, as we are not able to sex them at a day old.  We allow priority mail through shipping zone #4 which includes all of Texas and our adjoining states.  Shipping zone #5 and up are required to be sent by express live mail.  We guarantee live chicks upon arrival or a refund for any that don’t make the trip.  Priority mail is just as good as express through zone #4.  It is about $20 per box less than express, so we need a zip code when requesting chick prices as postage contributes a large part of the price.  Basically chicks are $6 each plus box, shipping and a small fee for the trip to the post office.  

Our e-mail address is: to order chicks.

Paul &  Angela  Smith

Ameraucana Marketplace / South-Central District Meet
« on: November 19, 2009, 10:20:13 AM »
The entries close November 23 to the South-Central District Ameraucana Meet at the Oklahoma State Poultry Show held December 12 & 13 at Shawnee, Oklahoma.  This is one of the best and largest shows in our district.  It is inside the heated exposition center.  They limit entries to 2500 head and usually fill and start declining entries close to the closing date.
We will have to take our birds on Friday, leave them, then return home, so we can take Matthew\'s two Duroc pigs to be validated on Saturday morning.  We sold our best three black pullets to Dennis Robison, who showed them at the National Meet in Columbus, Ohio for us.  They placed 1st, 3rd & 4th in the large class of black pullets.  Their cages were refilled with some good black pullets to train for the district meet.  We will be taking a few black, one blue wheaten and two wheaten pullets.

We hope several ABC members will be showing there this year.


Ameraucana Marketplace / New Address
« on: August 29, 2009, 10:09:02 AM »
We have a new address but won\'t share it on the World Wide Web.  We finally moved into our new house.
Paul, Angela & Matthew Smith

Large Fowl Show

Ameraucana Marketplace / Large Fowl Ameraucana Chicks
« on: April 03, 2009, 10:04:42 AM »
We can supply some more orders of black, a few blue and splash chicks from our last three hatches of 2009 (April 13, 27 and May 11).  We were highly booked, and have managed to fill most  of the chick orders.  We still lack some blue, splash and wheaten chick orders, which will be coming from the next three hatches.

Minimum order is 10 so they will stay warm enough during shipping.  Straight run only, as we are not able to sex them at a day old.  All chicks are bred by families, and toe punched before leaving the incubator, so full siblings will be identifiable.

Chicks are $6 each plus shipping charges.  We need a zip code to know what they will be.

Paul & Angela Smith


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