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Housing, Health & Hatching / Re: Breeding pens
« on: June 30, 2018, 05:17:06 PM »
  Cardboard vision blockers are often used at the shows when cocks or cockerels need isolation to prevent fighting through the wire coops.  This works in cages also!  I've seen clear plastic sheets tried, but it doesn't work very well.

Exhibiting & Promoting / Re: ABC Meets for South-Central District
« on: June 27, 2018, 08:52:53 PM »
  Meets can only be requested by ABC members-show secretaries are not eligible unless they are an ABC member.  This is a rule that the ABC has, so the show report will not return-reporting none shown.  The ABC member who request the meet is expected to show at the meet. I know sometimes things happen that can prevent an exhibitor from showing, especially when the meets need to be requested several months in advance of the show to be listed in the show catalog.  I know you are an ABC member.  This was shared for others who may not be a member.

  To request a meet, contact your district director and ask that the show be an ABC club meet.  Your director is Larry Clionski.  Then the director completes the forms and sends them to the show secretary, Susan Mouw, the ABC secretary, and Temple DaSilva the ABC meet coordinator. 

  We are now accepting orders for our fall 2018 spring 2019 day old large fowl Ameraucana chicks in black, blue, splash, wheaten, blue wheaten, splash wheaten, white, self blue and self blue splits.  We plan to have one hatch in each month of Sept., Oct., and Nov.  Then one hatch every two weeks starting Jan. 7, 2019 ending May 28, 2019.  Order information may be obtained by emailing

 Paul & Angela Smith

Exhibiting & Promoting / ABC Meets for South-Central District
« on: June 19, 2018, 08:18:56 AM »
  It is time to start requesting ABC club meets!  I had an e-mail from the Red River Bantam Club show secretary asking us (the ABC) to place a meet.  The show catalog goes to the printers July 15.  Angela and I have requested the RRBC meet several times in the past years, as this is our local poultry club.  This year it is the same weekend Oct. 6, 2018, as our ABC national meet in Ohio.  Angela and I plan to go to the ABC national, so we need a Texas ABC member to request this meet if ABC members want to have a meet at it.  There are several shows in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri and Colorado that have been set as ABC meets in the past.  Any show that ABC members plan to show can be requested as an ABC club meet.  Our SC district meet is set for the special APA national meet in Shawnee, OK. On November 17 & 18, 2018.  This show will be our first qualifying meet for large fowl Self blue Ameraucanas!  We must have a minimum of 5 exhibitors in each of the four classes (C, H, K, P) and a minimum of 25 head shown.  The 5 exhibitors must be APA members to be counted.   The Oklahoma State Poultry Federation show will be Dec. 8 in Shawnee, OK.

  We need request from ABC members to set meets!  This is ABC policy so the meet reports will not report none shown, as the ABC member requesting the meet is expected to show.  I know sometimes things happen that can prevent an exhibitor from showing, especially when the meets need to be requested several months in advance of the show to be listed in the show catalog.

  Thanks in advance for your participation and help in making the Ameraucana breed and ABC great!

  Paul Smith

Housing, Health & Hatching / Re: Worst hatch rate yet
« on: May 20, 2018, 01:05:15 PM »
  I recommend opening each egg that did not hatch to check for fertility first.  Then to see if the chick drown, which is the results of too much humidity in the incubator.  Fertility can be a problem early in the hatching season, especially in a breeding pen where an old male is used.  Early in the season (Oct. through Jan.) we had a lot of fertility issues, even though lights were on our breeding pens.

  Later we had drowning problems.  I covered half of the water pan with aluminum foil to decrease the humidity in the two older GQF incubators with slow speed fans.  The 1502 which has a high speed fan was kept the same-full size pan without any cover.  The drowning issues was solved when we quit putting the 2nd pan at 18 days.  We put 3 tablespoons of bleach in each gallon of water that is put in the incubators.  This helps keep the air clean inside them!

  I was very surprised to have a high humidity problem as we run a fire place inside our house.  Also we had very little moisture-(rain/snow/sleet), fall, winter and spring.  We have experienced high humidity issues in past years when it rained a lot in the spring.  I remember setting some of the older GQF incubators without any water until day 18.

  This time we would remove the foil at day 18 and only use one full pan.  The 1502 would have the paper filter placed in the pan as usual.

  One more suggestion is to thoroughly clean and disinfect the incubator with 6 ¾ ounce of Oxine in 1 gallon of water after each hatch.  We also wash all eggs in the same solution.  A bad bacteria inside an incubator can cause the chicks to die inside the eggs.  Hope you get the problem resolved soon.  We know how devastating a poor hatch can be-especially when the chicks are sold in advance of hatching.  Normally we hatch about 2,000 a year.  We are way behind at 1,336 with only 2 more hatches to go.  Our next hatch, May 29, is only half what we normally set due to caught-up on some varieties orders.  Our last one may be even less than half.  I think the weather conditions has had a lot to do with low number of orders this year.  Normally we send 10 or more to the Houston area-only 1 this year.  The flood caused a lot of devastation.  The record snow falls in the North hasn’t helped neither.

  We tried sunflower, flax and white German millet seed in the past.  I didn't see any difference in the performance of the birds.  We gave it at least a year's trial before quit adding it to their ration.  The major difference is the cost of feed.  If I remember correctly the flax was almost $50/50 lbs., white German millet $20/50 lbs. and sunflower seed $25/40 lbs.

  We also took corn chops out of the birds ration.  Corn can and will cause purple on black birds.  We now feed, whole wheat, whole oats, soybean meal, fish meal, Vita-Ferm-Cattlemans blend, corn oil, commercial layer mesh/crumbles, grower grit and oyster shell.  We try to raise watermelons and tomatoes to give the birds as treats.  This year has been very adverse growing conditions.  Looks like the watermelon isn't going to preform.

Ameraucana Marketplace / Re: Large fowl chicks
« on: May 16, 2018, 09:10:44 AM »
  We should be able to supply black, blue, splash and the 3 wheaten varieties from our May 29 hatch.

  We are still accepting orders for our last hatch of the season June 11.  We should be able to supply self blue along with all the above varieties.  They need to be ordered by Sunday May 21, as we plan to set according to what is ordered.  We have plenty chicks to keep our flock progressing without anymore at this time.  We keep what is left after chick orders are filled.

  E-mail or call Paul at 940-768-8405 for order information.

Ameraucana Marketplace / Re: Large fowl chicks
« on: May 04, 2018, 05:58:11 PM »
  Our last two hatches for this hatching season will be set Tuesday May 8th (delayed one day due to Memorial Day) and Monday May 21st for a June 11th hatch.  The last two hatches will be set according to chicks which have been ordered prior to set date.  We can supply large fowl day old chicks in black, blue, splash, white and possibly a few more wheatens (all 3 varieties) and self blue (incorrectly called lavender by some).  We may be able to supply more black, blue, and splash from our May 14th hatch, than what is already booked.

  Chick order information may be obtained by contacting Paul Smith or call 940-768-8405.

Ameraucana Marketplace / Re: Large fowl chicks
« on: April 25, 2018, 02:05:54 PM »
  We should be able to supply more black, blue, splash and white chicks than what we have orders, from our 11th hatch on April 30, 2018.  Contact Paul at or 940-768-8405 for order info.


News and Information / Re: A special thank you to everyone!
« on: April 20, 2018, 02:28:57 PM »

  A special thanks for all that you have done for the ABC!  You have been a big help to take part of the load off the secretary, Susan, by stepping up to publish the ABC newsletter.  As the ABC grew more jobs had to be distributed to others.  You have done a great job and it has been and is greatly appreciated.

  Your help with the self blue recognition process is also greatly appreciated.  Glad we had the opportunity to meet you at the Knoxville, TN second pre-qualifying meet!

  Congratulations on your new little one coming in October!  Praying for you and your family.  Will be looking forward to showing with you in 2019!

  Paul & Angela

  There are not enough words to express my appreciation to you Susan, for what you have done for the ABC!  It has been great working with you the past years to help advance the Ameraucana breed and the ABC.  You will be leaving some difficult shoes behind, to be filled.  I fully understand needing a rest from the job.  A special thank you for all that you have done, and do in the future for the ABC!

Ameraucana Marketplace / Re: Large fowl chicks
« on: April 11, 2018, 05:18:02 PM »
  We may be able to supply more black, blue, splash and whites from our April 16 hatch than what we have booked, as we had several large request totaling 165 chicks to cancel and not become an order.  Due to these cancellations we decreased our 11th hatch (April 30) by 36 eggs from full capacity.  Our 12th, 13th and 14th hatches shall be set according to number of chicks and variety ordered.

Housing, Health & Hatching / Re: Ice Storm
« on: April 05, 2018, 01:35:29 PM »
  I have been going to share this info.  Thanks for the encouragement to do it now.

  One hundred twenty-two healthy chicks managed to hatch from the two GQF incubators which had 288 in the 1602 and 128 eggs in the 1502.  We managed to fill 5 orders totaling 68 head.  Several varieties were a few short of filling an order, so we managed to keep 54 head from our 7th hatch.

  There were 200 eggs that did not hatch in the 1602.  Ninety two were fertile, the rest still had fertility issues.  There were 91 eggs that did not hatch in the 1502.  Thirteen were fertile, the rest still had fertility issues.  The majority of the 105 eggs that had dead chicks, showed about one week of development which would be the  time frame that we lost power.  I do know that if we had not run a generator, we would have lost everything, including the chicks from the previous hatch, # 6.   A few of the chick drown inside the eggs.  We now have the humidity issue solved.

  We just completed our 9th hatch with 249 chicks from the two GQF incubators which each had 288 eggs for a total of 576.  We sent out 201 head to fill 11 more orders.  We are totally caught up on some varieties and are fully booked on others.  I have not checked the remaining eggs for development at this time, but will before we set hatch # 11 of send out any hatching eggs.  We had 4 pens hatch 100%.

  We are now at full capacity with the two GQF incubators in one hatch then one GQF and 3 Styrofoam (41 eggs each) in the next hatch.  We are still accepting chick orders and now shipping hatching eggs from black, blue, splash and white from pens that had good fertility from our last hatch.

  Hope everyone is having good hatches!

Ameraucana Marketplace / Large fowl chicks
« on: March 29, 2018, 04:58:20 PM »
  We may be able to supply more blues, buffs and splash large fowl chicks than what we have orders for, from our 9th hatch on April 2.   E-mail or call 940-768-8405 before Monday April 2 for info.

Ameraucana Marketplace / Large Fowl Ameraucana Chicks
« on: March 18, 2018, 02:10:13 PM »
  We should be able to supply Large Fowl Ameraucana chicks from our March 19, 2018 hatch.

Black, Blue, Splash,
Wheaten, Blue Wheaten, Splash Wheaten
White and Self Blue.

Paul & Angela Smith
Call 940-768-8705

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