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Jeff, do you have any info on the brooder boxes that you could share with us on the ABC Forum? Any photos? Pricing? Specifications? Reviews? Etc.
What do you think about purchasing a Dickies cabinet incubator and auctioning or raffling it for the National?  We might be able to have the award period extend to the show in Tenn to give more people time to get involved?

I've heard that he also makes some nice brooder boxes.  They are not listed on the website but Jeff Vance bought an few and I think liked them.  This would be a less expensive initial investment for the club?
News and Information / Re: ABC Gallery
« Last post by Lindsay Helton on July 13, 2017, 11:28:06 PM »
Congratulations Mel!!!
News and Information / Re: ABC Gallery
« Last post by Susan Mouw on July 12, 2017, 06:31:23 PM »
Entries for the July competition, for Silver Ameraucanas, close in three days, on the 15th.  Then they will be turned over to our panel of judges for evaluation.  I will announce the winners here, after August 1st.

The next competition, for August, will be Buff Ameraucanas - both large fowl and bantam - so get those pictures sent in to
News and Information / Re: ABC Gallery
« Last post by Susan Mouw on July 12, 2017, 06:29:22 PM »
The judging for the June Gallery Competition, with Brown Red Ameraucanas, is complete.  The entries were not as numerous as I would like to see and the only gallery image that changed is the Brown Red large fowl chick, submitted by Mel Pace.

No entries for bantam Brown Reds were submitted.

Congratulations to Mel Pace!  Your picture of the brown red Ameraucana chick is already up in the gallery!

THANK YOU Susan! Any other ABC Members in a donating mood?
I will probably have a trio of either blues or blacks to donate at the show for the on-site auction and I will do the same as I did last year for the off-site - one dozen black Ameraucana eggs. (Actually, what the winning bidder last year got was 10 chicks instead of eggs).
Don, so far the two items above are the only silent auction items actually received. I have some more that will be listed in a couple of weeks upon receipt. There have been 3 donations to the trophy fund. We sure could use donations for onsite ad especially off site donations (no offsite donations received yet). Come on ABC members, surely some of you have some eggs or unclaimed chicks available for bidding on for the ABC National Show with shipment in spring of 2018. You can either contact myself at or Susan after her family visit from Denver has passed.
Breeding / Re: Breeding Buffs
« Last post by Don on July 11, 2017, 02:52:30 PM »
How are the buff grow-outs coming along this season?
Are you going to have some good show champs this year? 
Gordon,  I hope the auction and awards are coming together.  There are about 4 months until the show. Still time to let others get involved in either or both of these efforts.  Do you have a list of the auction and awards to keep everyone informed? 
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