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Title: Wheaten X Black bantam Cross
Post by: Spencer on December 15, 2021, 02:03:46 PM
So I crossed my wheaten bantam cock over a black bantam hen. All the pure wheaten chicks hatched from him look like standard wheatens with the correct down. The black hen I haven't used before, she was from another breeder I purchased last fall.

The chicks from the cross all hatched out as blacks with various levels of leakage, except for 1 guy. I originally thought he was a silver egg that somehow got put under the broody hen, because his down looked pretty much like a silver down. As he grew out I thought he had horrible autosomal red coming through, which was supprising because only one other silver hatched last year showed any signs of red, and that guy only had a slight hint of red in his shoulders when full grown. But this guy was 50% white, 25% red, and 25% black as he grew up. I gave him as well as 8 others from the cross to a friend, and I only kept a hen from the cross. You'd think she was pure black besides a few very very minor ticks of red in her chest.

Fast forward 3 or 4 months and my friend's birds are all grown. The one odd looking guy grew out of all the white he had previously in his chest. He is definitely not a silver offspring, and no possiblity of being a silver cross either. My silvers were never put in any other pens, so he had to come from the wheaten x black cross. Which now I can assume the black isnt E/E. The breeder she came from only raises brown reds and blacks. Anyone have an idea what e locus she might be carrying? Shes a good looking girl so I plan to use her with my blacks and cull appropriately. Anyways here is a photo of the guy, his siblings, and the pullet I kept with the wheaten cock. I do have a problem losing my wingbow in my wheatens after the first molt so disreguard his lack of wheaten in the wing.
Title: Re: Wheaten X Black bantam Cross
Post by: Spencer on December 15, 2021, 02:15:19 PM
One more pic my friend sent me of him a month back