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Exhibiting & Promoting / Re: ABC National Meets since 1989
« Last post by Paul on December 09, 2018, 10:55:34 PM »
The correction didn't change the locations, only the order which was not in the rotation order!
Exhibiting & Promoting / Re: 2019 Ameraucana National
« Last post by Lisa Helms on December 09, 2018, 06:25:11 PM »
I agree Sherry.  Maybe some day we wont have to drive 6 to 8 hours with wunter weather.    I prefer spring shows anyway
Exhibiting & Promoting / Re: ABC National Meets since 1989
« Last post by Susan Mouw on December 09, 2018, 06:24:33 PM »
The information posted above was taken from our archives of newsletters and I went back and looked at those two years.  You are correct, Paul and I will make that change.

Swapping those two meets around from '05 to '06, and vice versa doesn't, however, change the evident concentration of meets in the Northeast quadrant of the country.  With only two exceptions, almost all National meets have been held north of the Mason-Dixon and, with only a few exceptions in the Eastern half of the continent.

I know, in earlier times, that was where the biggest concentration of members were, but that is no longer true.  We now have members in all of the lower 48 states and need to expand our resources and benefits to include those members, as well.
Exhibiting & Promoting / Re: 2019 Ameraucana National
« Last post by Sherry Klaus on December 09, 2018, 05:36:51 PM »
Sorry I will not be attending this show . Dec shows are already to iffy for driving with winter weather .
Thanks Don for letting us know 
Exhibiting & Promoting / Re: ABC National Meets since 1989
« Last post by Paul on December 09, 2018, 05:05:24 PM »
  Oops!  Didn't change 2005 to Sedalia, MO. and 2006 Frankenmuth, MI.!  Photos below are proof that they are listed incorrectly.  The rotation began with 2005, but was jumbled a little at first!
  In 2011 the national was passed to be at Columbus with the joint APA/ABA/IWBA.  We only missed the national meets in 2008, 2009 and 2013 since our first one in 2000.  Jerry DeSmidt may have a bantam traveling plaque which may take them back to the beginning and more confirmation about the 05 and 06 swap.
  A link to the past.

Exhibiting & Promoting / Re: 2019 Ameraucana National
« Last post by Lindsay Helton on December 09, 2018, 04:22:19 PM »
Okay, After much gnashing of teeth......... etc.  The 2019 ABC National will be held the first weekend of December at the Dixie Classic show in Knoxville Tenn. 

I hope many exhibitors will be able to make it there from the SE as well as surrounding Districts.  Good luck with your Breeding sets, hatches and grow outs this season.

Thank you for representing the SE district well and for getting the National meet scheduled. I have attended this show for a few years and I think it was a great pick. It is also centrally located within our district which is nice. It’s hard to believe that it has been over 8 years since the SE last hosted a National. I am excited for our district to host one. We have added many new members in the SE over the last few years and I will reach out to each one of them individually to encourage involvement and participation at the National. I have fired up the incubators and am looking forward to being in attendance. Let me know if I can be of any help to you during the planning process.
Exhibiting & Promoting / ABC National Meets since 1989
« Last post by Susan Mouw on December 08, 2018, 03:00:34 PM »
Well, some of you know just how much of a sucker I am for a new research project, but maybe some of you don't. (grin)

Here are the results of one of my latest projects - the location of all ABC National Meets, since 1989.
Exhibiting & Promoting / Re: 2019 Ameraucana National
« Last post by Susan Mouw on December 08, 2018, 11:12:10 AM »
As it stands right now, our Constitution and By-laws do not allow such freedom in placing the National.

And, having two Nationals, back to back, within a couple of hours of each other, would disenfranchise many members who can't make those kind of drives.

We can look at some changes to the Constitution and By-Laws, if needed, in the next election cycle.
Exhibiting & Promoting / Re: National Rotation - Alternate Regions
« Last post by Susan Mouw on December 08, 2018, 10:34:31 AM »
Well, the National for 2019 has been placed by Don at the Dixie Classic show in Knoxville, TN - first w/end in December.  Which gives a large group of exhibitors - both from the SE District, NE District, and many points west - a chance to attend a National.

Our Constitution & By-laws specifically requires an annual rotation (Article VIII of the Bylaws):
"Article VIII - Club Meets
The Ameraucana Breeders Club shall hold an annual National meet to be rotated clockwise each year among
the club districts. The District Director will place the National meet by November 15th for the following year. If it is not placed, with notification to the Board, by that date the Director of the next District in rotation will have 30 days to place the National meet. Should a district be unable to host the National meet in its allotted turn the meet shall pass on to the next district in rotation."

If we need to address changing that, then we can do that with the next election in 2020.

Looking back over some ancient posts in the forum as well as some of the older newsletters, it would seem that the purpose in rotating the National was to give all member exhibitors, in each District, an opportunity to attend a National at least once every 5 years, so it would make sense, to me at least, to listen to the needs/wants of those in the assigned District first, and then try to balance those needs with the best interests of the club, as a whole, while staying true to our written Constitution and By-laws.  It is a delicate balancing act, to be sure.
Exhibiting & Promoting / Re: ne district
« Last post by Temple DaSilva on December 08, 2018, 10:14:46 AM »
hello all:
  I am going to be new director in the ne district.. starting in January  please let me know where we in the ne need meets! also I would like input on where the district meet should be in 2019   thank u   rob sando

Hi Rob,

I'm one of your "constituents" here in Connecticut.  I look forward to meeting you at the upcoming shows.  The only meet we have scheduled for the North East District in the upcoming year (previously approved by Larry) is the Northeastern Poultry Congress on Jan 19-20.  I usually ask for one in each of the New England states so I'll send you that request soon.

Welcome... or welcome back?

-Temple DaSilva
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