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Exhibiting & Promoting / Spring shows for 2021
« on: January 05, 2021, 08:26:25 AM »
It appears that the rising Covid19 Virus infection numbers are giving communities concerns. The Dixie Classic had been scheduled for later this month and the City of Knoxville cancelled the show. I know that the City of Winston Salem was holding contracts for events at the Fairgrounds there also. Clubs are scrambling to post dates for shows anywhere and anytime they can. I noticed there are two shows in Georgia just a few hours apart on the same day later this month. This is something that host shows will be working through this winter. Hopefully some of the shows will be able to make their setups safer and exhibitors will be comfortable coming out to the shows as people become vaccinated against the virus this spring.  Be Safe and have a happy new year!   

Website Changes / Breeder Directory Updates
« on: January 02, 2021, 01:30:06 PM »
I know that most people provide info on the varieties that they offer for sale when they fill out their original membership application. I'm wondering how is the best way to send corrections for breeder's listings including varieties and if they offer eggs/chicks/shipping etc?  I'm sure that can get to be confusing at all times of the year. Is there a better schedule for how often and when the lists are updated? Also, some of us keep a few varieties in very small numbers and probably will not have anything to share of these. It's been mentioned in the past that we should only list the varieties that you expect you might have stock, chicks or eggs available to share during the year. Everyone wants to help people purchase stock. I often will refer contacts to other breeders that I know might have something available in a given season.   

Upcoming Meets / 2021 Show Season
« on: January 01, 2021, 11:04:30 AM »
Happy New Year Everyone.  I know we all hope that things will begin to settle back into a new normal so that we can get out and enjoy some shows this year.  We learned yesterday that the Dixie Classic that was scheduled for the end of this month was canceled by the city of Knoxville that owns and operates the Fair Grounds. I know a lot of venues are trying to play it as safe as possible right now. The good news is that the club has set up another date for December of 2021. So hopefully this will be a better time for all.

Keep an eye out for those show dates and let your District Director know or request meets for shows you think will be great places for AM breeders to meet, fellowship and promote the breed. Hopefully they'll be able to get the situation under control and it will be safer for everyone. Everyone eat their good luck meals today to help out as much as possible.  2021 is going to be a Great Year! 

The National is always a good place to sell and arrange to purchase stock from breeders.  In addition to the Auction and Raffle its a great place to connect and meet to get birds for the next season.   

Who is going to the show ?         

Who is planning to attend and what do you have to offer for sale ? 

News and Information / Hurricane Laura
« on: August 26, 2020, 12:59:38 PM »
It looks like the forcasters underestimated this Storm and it's going to hit with Cat 4 winds and go straight inland on the line between TX and LA. I hope all our mmebers in that area are able to get to a safe place and are prepared for a time without power. God Speed and be safe where ever you may live and shelter.   drc 

Breeding / Breeding priorities from a historic perspective
« on: July 11, 2020, 01:49:16 PM »
There often is a discussion about selecting for one trait over another, if we should be interested in just the "show attributes" or about the total bird.  While AMs are not a historic breed, I think we can still learn from this article about breeding mindsets, evaluations and being progressing the Breed as a whole.

Exhibiting & Promoting / Poster to Promote the Club and Breed
« on: May 08, 2020, 06:43:16 PM »
The APA is looking for Breed Posters to add to the website. We could get Ruth Caron or Jan Gies to make an nice Professional polished Poster to use at meets and for situations such as this.

While everyone is home and hopefully enjoying their new grow outs for the season take a look at your Splash AMs. How would you describe the specific colors for the beaks and legs or what color standard should they be bred? The Splash color pattern is random and the skin color often shows those same patterns 

Beaks often are listed as some form of Horn color. How should the likely variation be written in a standard?

Legs in many varieties are listed as a simple color. With splash the legs sometimes show a mottled color with light/dark spots. This shouldn't be a fault in the judging. Is this something we need to list in the Standard description? 

Exhibiting & Promoting / South East District Meets
« on: March 27, 2020, 12:48:07 AM »
We have a few meets suggested for the fall in the SE District.  Feel free to drop me a note if you want to request a meet or if you want to orchestrate some locations for members actively showing to gather for shows.  Have a Great hatching season.   

Ameraucana Marketplace / Ameraucana Eggs and Stock
« on: March 27, 2020, 12:42:50 AM »
We hope to have some eggs and stock available in Black LF, Blue LF, White Btm and Buff Btm in the weeks ahead now if the birds will continue to lay. We might have some Self Blue bantam eggs available a little later. All these are from show lines. It would be great to have some local breeders partner to progress some of these birds in our region. Feel free to contact me to discuss the various lines.   

News and Information / While in Quarantine
« on: March 23, 2020, 09:20:52 AM »
 - borrowed from a friend -

Shakespear Wrote King Lear

Isaac Newton discovered gravity and developed Calculas

Under house arrest, Paul wrote parts of the New Testament

In prison, John Bunyan wrote Pilgrim's Pride

What can I do while staying Home..........

Exhibiting & Promoting / Feed Store chick season Again
« on: February 11, 2020, 09:03:03 AM »
Most of you have been down this road many times. The feed stores offer up the new chicks for customers to take home to start a new flock. A box of promise that they will have Lots of fresh home eggs in just a short while. Often the first sign you'll notice is one promising colored eggs. And the names for these abound, abound with confusion. But the one thing for sure is that they will Not be Ameraucana chicks. Many of us have tried to talk to store managers or sales clerks to explain the difference. And often the store folks will get frustrated and fall back on "the hatchery told us they were so and so, and why would they lie?" 

Things get better slowly over time. If we keep agravating hatcheries, maybe the names will slowly move away from Ameraucanas. But the battle is not won in the frustrating disussions with local sales staff. Rather the best learning is more often gained in talks one future poultry enthusiast at the time. Be kind, and offer as much information and help as the newbie wants to hear. Not all back yard poultry folks want to show pure bred chickens. But many will be willing to hear and understand what their options might be.  Good Luck! 

Exhibiting & Promoting / Self Blue Large Fowl - Pearl River Show
« on: January 15, 2020, 07:39:42 PM »
Is anyone planning to make the Pearl River show next week? 

Are the Self Blue LF still going to be recommended and voted by the APA Board?

Exhibiting & Promoting / 2020 meets for the South Eastern District
« on: January 08, 2020, 02:48:53 PM »
Please let me know if you would have shows where you think a number of members would like to congregate and show this spring and fall.  There is time now to put some dates on the calendar and have some significant meets. We might even have enuogh self blue bantams to help their acceptance cause.

Anyone who  would like to work with the Self Blue bantams?  We have a number of Breeders who will be offering eggs this spring. Drop me a note and we can find someone closer to your location.

I hope we have some folks that are planning to show in Pearl River in a few weeks. This APA Semi-Annual is far south for a show of this nature. Hope there is a good turn out.   

And I hope everyone has Norman OK on your calendars for this Nov. This show is in a good central location and should be convenient for many exhibitors to show.  Come on out and enjoy the birds and meet some of those you've talked or emailed with.

It's the Nationals / 2019 ABC National Recap
« on: December 09, 2019, 10:41:34 AM »
The 2019 National is complete and everyone has arrived home safe probably ready for a much needed break.
A much more detailed report will follow. For now I know some have been curious so here is some basic results and info.

In large fowl, Jerry DeSmit won Best Blk, BB, Best AOSB, as well as RB on a black.
Lindsay Helton had best Self blue,
Jeff Vance had best Blue with a nice pullet
Jerry had best and reserve white
   there were nice classes in most accepted varieties as well Self blues
Jerry had best Black, BB
Jerry had best white,
Jerry had best buff,
Best and RV self blue was by Temple
Temple Desilva had RB on a nice blue wheaten pullet

The egg contest was nicely represented and provided much interest by those passing the tables. Lindsay judged the egg contest which drew much attention to the club booth.

The auction and raffle were well accepted. $1,000 was pledged from live stock, chick and egg auctions. The live auction items were slow to bid initially. But these picked up nicely in the afternoon. James Treadway built wood carry boxes for the auction and had the booth next to the ABC as well. It was interesting to see bidders ck back often as the time progressed.

Thank you to all of those who offered items and help for the auction. All of the directors as well as all of those who attended the the show worked hard and greatly contributed to the success of this event. I hope that everyone had an enjoyable time and learned lots during the event. I think the breed and the ABC were represented well thru til the very end of the event.

The ABC raffle netted $241.  This included a $100 gift card from TSC, a current APA standard and a 1910 version of the standard.  Folks seem to like the three chances to win on these raffles, and you can net more than the value of items especially if you walk around and talk to the exhibitors.  They don't come to the table asking to purchase tickets as a norm. All of These monies will be used for the 2020 ABC National in Norman OK in the South Central district.  - - -  Paul will have more info to follow soon - - -

We will expand and update this info in the days to come.

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