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Ameraucana Marketplace / USPS SHIPPING ON CHICKS
« on: June 08, 2020, 03:16:16 PM »
I don't know how many of you ABC members got the email today from Ideal Poultry. It was a request to sign a petition to keep the USPS continuing to ship chicks and I assume would effect egg shipping also. Here is the text of their email:

Please Sign This Petition

Hello to all of our wonderful Customers!

As a member of Bird Shippers of America, we are asking for your help to keep live poultry shipping in the mail. As you may know, USPS is the only shipping method available to hatcheries like us to ship poultry to our customers. We need your help to keep this service going so that we can continue to fulfill your poultry needs. Below is a link to the petition where you will be able to read more information about this and be able to sign the petition and submit your comments.

Also, we encourage you to reach out to your Senators and Representatives directly with your thoughts and support for shipping poultry and the importance of doing so for this industry. The following are the links to contact them directly.

All of us here at Ideal Poultry appreciate your help with ensuring that we are able to continue shipping poultry via USPS to your post office.

The Fuchs Family

News and Information / April Poultry Press Article
« on: April 04, 2020, 04:56:54 PM »
For those of you that have access to Poultry Press, be sure to check out Paul Smith's ABC article in the April issue of PP. It brings you up to date on results of the ABC South Central District Meet for 2019. It was a very good show with 100 Ameraucana entries shown. The article starts on page 4, continues to page 5 and finishes on page 7. Thanks Paul for another great meet and report!

I just got home from our final scheduled North Central ABC meet for 2019. It was an ABC Club meet in Lincoln NE on November 23-24. LF Judge was Brian Gates with Bantam classes judged by Larry Denny. LF had 22 entries with 4 exhibitors with Blacks being the largest class of 15. Bantam entries were 25 birds with a number of varieties shown by 2 exhibitors. Photos below of each variety class starting with LF with 3 varieties, followed by Bantam photos. Results were LF Blacks (15) BV RB a cockerel show by Andrea Drenth of Bur Oak Farm (ND). RV a Black Pullet shown by Jerry DeSmidt (WI). Blue Hen BV and Blue  Cock RV shown by Gordon Gilliam. Whites rounded out the LF with BV BB RES AOSB on a hen and RV on a cockerel both shown by Jerry DeSMIDT.
All Bantam classes BV and RV were won by Jerry DeSmidt.

Exhibiting & Promoting / North Central Club Meet in Lincoln NE
« on: October 17, 2019, 03:45:09 PM »
Catalogs are now available for the Nebraska State Poultry Assn Show. This is an ABC sanctioned Club Meet on Nov 23-24 2019 in Lincoln NE. You can download a catalog and entry form by going to Click on catalog in the top center and it will take you to 2 PDF files to download. One for a catalog, one for a entry form. You can also reach the show secretary Vicki Gillam (my niece) at or 612-384-8217.

Exhibiting & Promoting / 2019 NC ABC District Meet
« on: September 10, 2019, 11:49:46 PM »
The entry forms are now available to download for the Central Illinois Poultry Show. Just go to Poultry Show and search by state (Illinois) and look for Central Illinois Poultry Show. The show will be at the McLean Interstate Center in Bloomington, IL on October 5, 2019. This will be the ABC North Central District Meet for 2019. Ameraucana Breeders Club may be spelled wrong on the entry form, but be assured that this is an ABC sanctioned meet. Come bring your best birds and show the poultry world how to spell AMERAUCANA! Be assured the word Ameraucana is spelled right on the Trophies! Entry deadline is September 25, 2019. I hope to see you there!

Exhibiting & Promoting / 2018 North Central District Show
« on: November 04, 2018, 10:19:30 PM »
The North Central District Show was held November 3-4 2018 in Lincoln Nebraska. There were 17 LF and 38 Bantams on display for a total of 55 birds from 4 exhibitors. The Nebraska State Poultry Assn. hosted the show, which may have to be changed to "The Jerry DeSmidt Show". Jerry won the title of exhibiter with the most entries. His Prize White Bantam Hen took not only BV, BB, Champion AOCCL, ABC North Central District Show Champion, but was named Reserve Champion of the entire show of 933 entries. Jerry's White Bantam K was the RV, RB, and ABC NCDS Reserve Champion. Jerry's other Bantams went on to win every BV AND RV in all classes with the exception of RV in Blacks which was won by Diamond LeBlanc of Palmer, NE. In the AOV Bantam Class Jerry won Best of AOV with a Self Blue C and Reserve AOV with a Splash C.

Jerry didn't stop with the Bantam classes, but went on to take BB with a Black LF Pullet and RV with a Black LF K. His White LF C was BV and his White LF K was RV. The LF classes were completed with BV in Blue Wheaten, Wheaten, Blue and RV in Blue by Gordon Gilliam.

2017 ABC Nationals Hutchinson MN / 2017 NATIONAL SHOW IS HISTORY
« on: November 01, 2017, 10:24:49 PM »
Maybe I should have labeled this thread “Memories” instead of the 2017 National Show is History.
Yes, a new banner, but the same mix of old and new members promoting our breed! A memory of a team effort pulling together for the good of the ABC and the Ameraucana Breed. I asked Jerry DeSmidt if he could tabulate judging results. Jerry said that he and Paul Smith were already doing that. I did ask our professional photographer in the club if he would take the winner’s pictures. His pictures always turn out so great. Paul Smith said “I’ve already started taking pictures”. It’s like they were reading my mind or saw that deer in the headlight look in my eyes as this was my first time to organize an ABC National Show. Memories of Jean Ribbeck that could not attend the show, but sent me all of the forms and instructions for the Egg Contest. She even made the delicate Egg Contest Awards and shipped them. Memories of when I asked Jan Geis if she would judge the egg contest. She said yes but said I have never done this before. I assured her that Jean had sent me all of the instructions and it was not that hard. Somewhere along the way and I don’t know how the deal was made, but Jan said we have a new Egg Contest Judge! It’s my husband Mike. Then I got to see the deer in the head lights look in his eyes. He did a great job and now is an experienced Egg Contest Judge. Winners were LF/Hen and LF/Pullet both won by Paul Smith. Bantam/Hen and Bantam/Pullet were won by Jerry DeSmidt.
Memories of help at the ABC Table and Silent On-site and Off-site Auctions. Angela Smith pitched in as usual, but we got a rookie helper in Andrea Drenth from North Dakota. My oldest daughter Amber even helped. She is not an ABC member, but I am working on her. Yes, we were crowded as we only had a small area and 2 tables. As you can see from the pictures, we managed to squeeze in literature, auction items, and trophies.   
Memories of the young boy who wanted his mom to buy him the 4 Hole Show Box. He kept coming back to see how many had bid on it. On his second or third trip, I told him if you bid on an item I’ll give you a quarter.
Two or three more trips and mom relented and placed a bid on the 4 Hole Show Box for him. Yes, I gave him the quarter, he eventually won and the smile on his face will be a memory to cherish forever!
The On-site and Off-site Auction took in a total of $936. This will be passed on help fund the 2018 ABC National Show in the North East District.
Memories of all the awesome Ameraucanas on exhibit. The Black LF was our largest variety class and had some tough birds to beat in that class. Our Champion Ameraucana came from that variety. It was an awesome cockerel shown by M&J Farm. Here is a photo to whet your appetite. You will have to wait for Paul’s professional photos of this bird and the other winners.
Jerry DeSmidt pretty well tore up the Bantam Ameraucana classes. Between his Bantams and LF Entries when we tabulated, he had won 16 of the souvenir egg baskets. That propelled him to win National High Point Award and a trophy.
Memories of our Junior High Point winner Nathan Thompson from WI. The smile on his face when presented the trophy will last my lifetime. I don’t think the money and certificate even registered as he grasped his trophy! This truly is the future of the ABC and the Ameraucana Breed. What a way to end the show. It made me think, maybe doing chores in -20 degree weather is worth doing to make memories like this!
I want to thank the ABC for giving me the opportunity to make these memories! Below is a photo of those attending the show. Andrea Drenth from ND was missing at photo time.
                 L-R Jerry DeSmidt, Jan Geis, Nathan Thompson, Katie Proffit, me, Angela and Paul Smith

How many have checked their grow out pens lately? Did you find that standard of perfection reflection? How proud are you of your Ameraucana Breeding Program? What do you do with those birds? You can keep them at home or share them with others! How? Enter them in the ABC National Show October 28-29 in Hutchinson MN. Here are some pictures of what is up for grabs!

The 2017 ABC National Show at Hutchinson MN is just around the corner (Oct 28-29). Susan has set up an easy way for anyone wishing to donate to the show trophy fund. Perhaps you feel that the show is too far to travel, but this is a way you can still support the club and the show. Maybe you are going to the show but want to contribute to the trophy fund anyway. Here is how to donate. Go to the Ameraucana Breeders Club home page. Click on club merchandise, click on ABC Marketplace at the bottom of the page. Use the right arrow to scroll past T shirts, polo's, hoodies etc. until you see Minnesota State Poultry Assn, and click on it. Click on the down arrow at please select and it will give you a choice of $ amounts to choose from. The more donations we collect, the more trophies will be available to give to the winners, but the real winner will be the ABC.

Ameraucana Marketplace / Christmas Gifts
« on: November 25, 2016, 12:57:21 PM »
Are you looking for that perfect gift for an Ameraucana lover? Check out the ABC Marketplace. Great selections on T Shirts, Polo Shirts, Hoodies, Mugs and Totes. The new egg color charts would make great stocking stuffers! Clothing is top quality with a great  selection of colors and sizes. You still have time to get these shipped for Christmas! Check them out!

Housing, Health & Hatching / Here we go again?
« on: August 05, 2016, 04:49:34 PM »
Has anyone experienced the shock that I got yesterday going to the Coop to buy feed? Prices had been fairly stable since last fall. Mostly down in price but sometimes maybe up 15-25 cents a bag. Yesterday when she gave me the total for my purchase, I said "Can that be right?" The price on 17% layer went up $.95 a 50# bag. It had been $13.30 a bag, now it was $14.25 a bag. I asked did soybeans go up that much lately? They fumbled around and said no, something about the way freight and fuel surcharges were being handled. This did not make much sense to me as gas in our area has been declining for the past several weeks. Gas was around the $2.29 a gal price 2 months ago and has now dropped to under $2.00 all over our area the past 2 weeks. Just wondered what others were experiencing around the country on poultry feed.             

Exhibiting & Promoting / Better days ahead?
« on: June 14, 2015, 06:28:26 PM »
I don't know about my fellow ABC members, but this AI scare is getting old with me. No exhibition shows close, due to State bans. No swap meets, exotic poultry sales, local sale barn poultry auctions. It looks to be a long final six months to the ban. That is if it gets lifted January 2016 as stated. Does anyone have any great chicken recipes? My excess breeding pens are full, grow out pens are full. Thank goodness I shut my incubator down early. No place to go with unwanted birds this year. The funny thing is that in our area, the millions of birds with AI seem to be mainly commercial layers. The government is paying the commercial flock owners for their losses, back yard exhibition owners zero if their birds are found with AI. As stated before, back yard flocks are not experiencing the epidemic that commercial flocks are even though they are more exposed to the elements and not confined indoors. I thought the cause was migratory droppings from waterfowl flying north. We went to WalMart a week ago Saturday and eggs were $2.20 doz. Yesterday they were $3.39 doz. Is this a ploy for higher egg prices, after all, the commercial layers are being paid for their lost birds. My only consolation is that there are cases of AI within our state and the ban probably can be justified. For those ABC members whose states have banned with no cases in their state or bordering states, I feel you maybe unjustly punished. Just my thoughts!

Exhibiting & Promoting / Nebraska State Poultry Show
« on: May 06, 2014, 11:56:02 AM »
Just recently added to the ABC Meet show list is the Nebraska State Poultry Show  Nov 1-2 2014 in Lincoln Ne. Catalogs should be ready to download from the Nebraska State Poultry Assn. website in late Sept or early Oct. You can also request a mailed copy from show secretary Vicki Gilliam ( I will keep you posted as to any show specs after our summer and fall meetings. Mark your calendar and I hope to see you there.

Exhibiting & Promoting / Nebraska State Poultry Show
« on: September 17, 2013, 12:22:02 PM »
Show catalogs are now ready for the Nebraska State Poultry Show Nov 2-3 in Lincoln Nebraska. You can download catalogs and entry forms on the club website or contact the show secretary Vicki Gilliam 612-384-8217 or . Entries are due by Oct 24, 2013. In addition to any awards and prize money, there will be a $30 cash award for BB LF Champion Ameraucana Open Show and $30 cash award for BB Bantam Champion Ameraucana Open Show. Also a $30 cash award for BB LF Champion Ameraucana Junior Show and $30 cash award for BB Bantam Ameraucana Junior Show. Junior Show entries are automatically entered also in the Open Show at no additional charge. This would make it possible for a Junior to win $60 in either LF or Bantam Class for the price of a Junior Entry Fee if they would win the Junior and Open Class with their entry. Come on Juniors, show those older exhibitors you have what it takes (Or at least your birds do). I hope to see you there! Gordon


Exhibiting & Promoting / Popularity of bantams
« on: June 15, 2013, 02:22:49 PM »
Mike, It seems like the demand for bantams has waned the last few years. It seems like everyone wants LF. This is not only for Ameraucanas, but other breeds also. Maybe this is just a phase we are going through and will turn around down the road.

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