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Exhibiting & Promoting / Re: 2020 ABC National
« on: November 18, 2020, 11:25:21 AM »
2020 Winning Birds Junior Bantam


BV, BB, Champion AOCCL Pullet by Tate UnRau

Exhibiting & Promoting / Re: 2020 ABC National
« on: November 18, 2020, 10:59:56 AM »
       2020 Winning Birds Junior Show Large Fowl


BV, RB, Reserve Overall Junior Ameraucana Cock by Kailynn Cox

RV, Cockerel by Lauren Dossey


BV, Cockerel by Kailynn Cox

RV, Cockerel by Audrey Roaque

    Blue Wheaten

BV, Pullet by Lauren Dossey

RV, Cockerel by Kyson Cox

   Self Blue

BV, Hen by Paetyn Dummond


BV, Pullet by Lauren Dossey

RV, Cock by Kyson Cox


BV, Pullet by Lauren Dossey

Exhibiting & Promoting / 2020 ABC National
« on: November 18, 2020, 10:58:29 AM »
  The South Central District hosted the ABC national meet at the Norman, OK Canadian Valley Poultry Club Mega Show on November 7, 2020.  ABC members came from 12 states to show a total of 203 Ameraucanas.
One-hundred-thirty-two large fowl were shown in the open show by 20 exhibitors.  Four exhibitors showed 39 bantams in the open show.  Twelve Juniors showed 30 large fowl in the Junior show and Tate Unrau showed 2 bantams in the Junior show.

  This was our first prequalifying splash meet!  A unified effort from several ABC members managed to surpass the required 4 in each class.  Without the team pulling together, there would have been a failure to acquire the four cocks and four hens.  Molt has its way of elimination on the older birds this time of year.  Lindsay Helton, Jean Ribbeck and Paul Smith managed to round up enough of the needed older birds!  A special thanks for Wade Taliaferro, Becky Stengel, Dean Newman for allowing their splash to be shown.  Also a special thanks to (Exhibitor List Order) Lindsay Helton, Brad Henson, Paul & Angela Smith, Sara Church, Connie Ribbeck, Patricia & Keith Lincoln, and Chris Cross who showed splash in the show.

  All Ameraucanas were judged by Bill Hopkins.  Bill was very impressed with the splash females.  Most of the males were in molt and sunlight damaged.  All the paper work has been filled out then signed by Bill.  One more prequalifer then the two qualifying meets!

  The reserve splash, a hen shown by Brad Henson also was the reserve AOV.  Paul & Angela Smith had the BV on a pullet which also won best AOV, and 24th ALFA.  Eight pullets and 5 in each of the other 3 classes were shown for a total of 23!

Twenty-three blue were exhibited by 8 ABC members.  Lindsay Helton won BV on a cockerel and Max Strawn won RV on a pullet.  Seven blue wheaten were shown by 3 ABC members.  A pullet won BV and a hen RV both shown by Lindsay Helton.  Eight self blue were shown by 2 members.  Lindsay Helton had BV on a hen and RV on a pullet.  Two silver pullets were shown into BV & RV by Bur Oak Farm of North Dakota.

  One EEL was entered.  One Lavender cockerel was shown into BV  by Amber Motley.  Both competed for the best and reserve AOV against the splash.  Six wheatens were shown by 5 ABC members.  Lindsay Helton won BV and RV on two pullets.  The BV pullet also won reserve breed and third place Ameraucana of the show.  Nine whites were shown by 5 exhibitors.  Lauren Dossey won BV on a cockerel and Jerry DeSmidt won RV on a pullet.

  Blacks, the largest class, had 52 head shown by 15 exhibitors.  Jerry DeSmidt won BV on a cockerel which also won best of breed, champion Ameraucana and Res. AOSB.  Jerry also won RV on another cockerel, highest scoring display, and national show high point.

  The open bantam black class had 7 head shown by 2 ABC members.  Jerry DeSmidt won BV on a hen and RV on a cock.  Jerry DeSmidt showed 2 blue into BV on a cock and RV on a hen.  Eight blue wheaten were shown by 2 ABC members.  Jerry DeSmidt won BV on a cock and RV on a hen.  Max Strawn showed a brown red cockerel into BV.  Jerry DeSmidt showed 4 buff.  His hen won BV, best of breed, and reserve Ameraucana.  Jerry's pullet won RV.  Four self blue were shown by 2 ABC members.  Jerry DeSmidt won BV on a cockerel and RV on a pullet.  These two also won BV and RV in the AOV class since self blue bantams are not recognized by the APA at this time.
Six wheatens were shown by 2 ABC members.  Jerry DeSmidt won BV on a pullet and RV on a cockerel.  Jerry DeSmidt showed 7 whites with his cock winning BV, Res. breed and 4th place Ameraucana.  Jerry's cockerel won RV.  Jerry also had the highest scoring display.

  Nineteen large fowl black were shown by 10 Juniors.  Kailynn Cox won BV, reserve breed and reserve Junior champion Ameraucana on a cock.  Lauren Dossey won RV on a cockerel.  Four blue were shown by 4 Juniors.  Kailynn Cox won BV on a cockerel and Audrey Roaque won RV on a cockerel.  The blue wheaten class had two head.  Lauren Dossey had BV on a pullet and Kyson Cox RV on a cockerel.  Paetyn Dumond showed a self blue hen into BV.
Three wheatens were shown by 2 Juniors.  Lauren Dossey won BV, best of breed, Junior Champion Ameraucana on a pullet.  Kyson Cox won RV on a cock.  A white pullet was shown into BV by Lauren Dossey.

  Tate UnRau showed a pair of black bantams in the Junior show.  Tate won BV, best of breed and Champion AOCCL on his pullet and RV and reserve breed on his cockerel.

  The following paragraph was written by ABC Secretary Lindsay Helton, and shared with permission!
  " An ABC meeting was held at the national meet. President Jean Ribbeck welcomed everyone and thanked those that donated silent auction and raffle items. A prayer was led by South Central District Director Paul Smith for the family of former President Clif Reddin. Clif passed away in November. Secretary/Treasurer Lindsay Helton presented a treasurer report and provided a review of our current membership numbers. Jean Ribbeck made mention of the successful completion of the large fowl self blue approval process and provided details regarding the club’s decision to move forward with the large fowl splash approval process. A potential policy change was discussed to include honorary Vice-President in board discussions. Jean Ribbeck presented the Lifetime Achievement award to Harry Shaffer for his efforts regarding creation of the large fowl self blue color variety. The individuals that originally introduced the lavender gene into the bantam self blue color variety were also mentioned. To join the Ameraucana Breeders Club and be eligible to earn exhibitor points and qualify for rosettes, visit ."  also ABC members in attendance introduced themselves and where they were from.  We had 30 from 12 states!  All received mask.  Special thanks to Kris Dossey for allowing the use of his slogan "Make Ameraucanas Great Again"

  The new ABC member drawing was held and Sherri Osborne won the items.  Lindsay Helton won the $200 Tractor Supply gift card, a special birthday present!  A surprise birthday cake was presented to Lindsay and shared by ABC membership.  $1591 was raised for our next national meet awards, thanks to donors and purchasers.
  The egg contest entries were very low this year due to molt by most birds at this time.  Lindsay Helton won best large fowl eggs and Jerry DeSmidt reserve large fowl, best and reserve bantam eggs.  Best and Reserve variety rosettes were clipped to the coops.  Due to the threat of cancelation, rosettes were awarded and cash rather than plaques.  Since this was a one day show there was not a dinner awards at a restaurant.  Another great ABC national meet goes into history of the ABC, thanks to everyone who made it a success!  Pictures of all the BV and RV (except one RV that vanished) were made.  They will be posted ASAP.  I have heard that Fayetteville only allowed 50 people in the show room at a time.  If that had happened to us, pictures would not have been available, as I started at the completion of large fowl open judging and continued to coop out, even skipped lunch.  Looking forward to our South Central District meet on Dec 12 in Shawnee, OK.  Entries close Nov 20.  See you there, as we continue to "Make Ameraucanas Great Again."

Paul Smith

Exhibiting & Promoting / Abilene Poultry Show
« on: November 05, 2020, 07:33:58 PM »
Abilene Poultry Show held on October 24, 2020
This was not an ABC meet but had a good showing of Ameraucanas.
Come to the National in Norman, Oklahoma Nov. 7th and see these two and many other top quality Ameraucanas.

Congratulations to all!  Nice photos!


 Entries for our NATIONAL ABC meet are getting close to closing!  They must be received by the CVPC show secretary by Saturday October 17th!
 This is our first prequalifying large fowl Splash show.  We must have a minimum of 4 head in each class (C,H,K,P).  Angela and I are entering 1 cock, 1 cockerel, and 2 pullets.    A few other ABC members have committed to enter some splash.  The ABC will need all the help possible to fill the requirements on cocks and hens!  Please enter some!  It will be appreciated!
 Special rosettes for all BV and RV have been ordered for this show.  The CVPC is finishing plaques for the champions and large prize money for the top 4 placing birds with open bantam and large fowl and Junior bantams and large fowl all competing for it.  Bill Hopkins is suppose to be the open show judge and Larry Dye or Howard Davenport will judge the Junior show.
 Special ABC mask have been made by Richard Peters and all ABC members who show birds will receive one.  Mask are recommended but not required to be worn.  Everyone entering the fairgrounds will have their temperature checked, in an attempt to keep everyone safe from the Corona Virus.
 The ABC raised a large sum of cash for awards for this show.  Due to the possibility of cancellation, plaques or trophies were not ordered for it.  It will be distributed to the winning bird's owners.  An egg contest consisting of an entry of 6 hen or 6 pullet for both large fowl and bantam will be held.  Jean Ribbeck is making the very neat egg awards for the first place in each of the four classes.  The new member drawing will be held.  The online silent auction will be completed with the silent auction held at the show.  We need donations to the fundraiser for 2021 national show awards!  High point at the national show will be awarded with cash along with highest scoring display.  There are no trios at this show, so there will not be an award for it.
 Richard Peters managed to block an additional 50 rooms as the first two bookings have been filled.  It's not too late to enter birds, but they need to be entered within the next couple days.  Ours are going in the mail today!  Angela and I were selected to put a pair of self blue Ameraucanas and a pair of our new breed in the breeders cup 30-70 auction.  Thirty percent of sale goes to the youth show for awards!  The live auction is scheduled for 1:00 PM on Saturday, November 7th.
  Anyone who wants to help make this show a success by volunteering to help with the ABC club table, raffle, silent auction, egg contest, etc needs to contact me or Lindsay Helton.  There will be plenty to do!  I plan to take photos of all the BV and RV Ameraucanas, which will include the champions.  There is a possibility of 76, which will occupy a lot of my time at this one-day show!  Hope to show with you!
Paul Smith

Ameraucana Marketplace / Large Fowl Ameraucana Hatching Eggs
« on: June 11, 2020, 11:26:40 AM »
The unusual cool weather has caused our hens to keep on laying and cocks to keep on breeding.
We can still supply hatching eggs in white, and self blue split to black large fowl Ameraucanas.
Info may be received by emailing
We must know which state for NPIP.
Paul & Angela Smith

Ameraucana Marketplace / White Large Fowl Hatching Eggs
« on: June 02, 2020, 12:26:59 PM »
  We have one to two dozen large fowl white Ameraucana hatching eggs available now for pick-up or Wednesday shipping.  They have been laid since May 25 through now.  They are from pairs that provided eggs that hatched well for us on May 11 and 26.  Hatching eggs can only be shipped Monday through Wednesday as our PO goes by their US postal regulations.  Contact  Blue/black/splash and self blue are booked up.  Only whites and self blue split to black are available.

Ameraucana Marketplace / Large Fowl Ameraucana Hatching Eggs
« on: May 19, 2020, 10:04:16 AM »
We set our fifteenth and final hatch of the season due to hatch on June 2.  We have been sending out hatching eggs from pairs and trios that possessed good fertility from our last hatch on May 11.  Presently there are some orders for self blue, and blue/black/splash.  We can provide whites and more blue/black/splash, self blue, and self blue split to black large fowl Ameraucana hatching eggs.  Sorry no wheaten/blue wheaten/splash wheaten available. 
Contact Paul Smith for order info.  Be sure to say which state you reside.
Paul & Angela

Ameraucana Marketplace / Large Fowl Blue and White chicks
« on: April 23, 2020, 09:43:26 PM »
  We should be able to supply some blues and whites from our twelfth hatch on April 27.
  Contact Paul Smith  940-768-8405

Ameraucana Marketplace / Re: Ameraucana large fowl chicks
« on: February 26, 2020, 12:05:26 PM »
LOL!  Hopefully it will be with a self blue best of breed!

Ameraucana Marketplace / Ameraucana large fowl chicks
« on: February 25, 2020, 08:15:34 AM »
  Spring is here a few days, then winter a few days!  We finally had a decent hatch.  Set 270 eggs 87 self blue, 24 wheaten/blue wheaten, 21 blue, 15 black, 12 splash, 11 self blue splits, 10 white Ameraucana and 90 of our new breed, on Monday Feb. 24.  We are planning on having some in each variety at our national ABC meet at the Mega show in Norman, OK. on November 7, 2020.  Hope you will make plans to show there!  This will be our first national that self blue can be a contender for BB!

  We should have chicks in each of the varieties to share in our April and May hatches.
  PM or text 940-736-3270 your email address for info. or e-mail

  Paul Smith

Exhibiting & Promoting / Re: Self Blue Recognition
« on: January 26, 2020, 03:38:04 PM »
  Thanks to all for expressing their appreciation to us (Paul & Angela Smith)!  I can not express enough that the recognition process is a TEAM effort!  I (Paul Smith) was only the appointed spokesperson for the committee, and took on the leadership role and responsibility of getting the required number of exhibitors and birds at the designated shows.  I can hardly wait to see a self blue Ameraucana on Champion Row!

  Paul Smith

Exhibiting & Promoting / Self Blue Recognition
« on: January 25, 2020, 05:28:11 PM »
 Five years of effort and lots of persuading others to come and show their self blue large fowl Ameraucanas has finally seen them recognized as a standard variety!  They won the approval vote of the APA board on Friday night (Jan. 24, 2020) at the semi-annual meeting at the Pearl River Classic in Columbia, Mississippi.  Going through the recognition process will cause one to be more appreciative of the varieties already recognized within their breed!

  This recognition process was a joint effort by many who contributed to make it happen!  A special thanks to each:  Susan Mouw for all the paper work which started the process;
the five who signed the affidavit stating that they had bred the self blue for 5 years while maintaining an APA membership:(alphabetical order by last name);  Barbara Dodington, Debra Hogan, Christina Korfus, Jean Ribeck, Paul & Angela Smith;
Oklahoma State Poultry Federation Shawnee, Oklahoma for hosting first prequalifying meet on Dec. 10 & 11, 2016 with (in exhibitor list order) Shannon Rowe, Howard Story, Paul & Angela Smith, and April Howington exhibiting 6 cocks, 6 hens, 5 cockerels and 8 pullets and judge Jim Sallee recommending them;
Dixie Classic Knoxville, TN. for hosting second prequalifying meet on December 2 & 3, 2017 with (listed by exhibitor number) Barbara Dodington, Pat Dukes, Lindsay Helton,
Paul & Angela Smith, Sherry Klaus, and Holly McDonnell exhibiting 5 cocks, 8 hens, 6 cockerels and 6 pullets and judge Brian Knox recommending them;
North American Poultry Breeders Show in Shawnee, Oklahoma hosting our first qualifying meet on November 17 & 18, 2018 with (exhibitor list order) Sherry Klaus, Shannon Rowe, Chris Cross, Paul & Angela Smith, Matt Cooperrider, Lorri Story, Howard Story, and Dakota's Chickens (Dakota Weimar) exhibiting 6 cocks, 14 hens, 5 cockerels and 12 pullets and judge Amanda Stallman for recommending them;
Ohio National Columbus, OH. for hosting final qualifying meet on November 9 & 10, 2019 with (in exhibitor list order) Patricia Dukes, Barbara Dodington, Susan Mouw, Lindsay Helton, Jean Ribeck, Paul & Angela Smith, Eric Waterman, Shannon Rowe, Chris Cross, and Dakota's Chickens (Dakota Weimar) exhibiting 6 cocks, 10 hens, 10 cockerels, and 16 pullets and judge Tom Carey for recommending them;
the entire APA board for their approval vote;
also to each person who purchased self blue Ameraucanas from those who showed their birds in the prequalifying & qualifying meets as these purchases helped to provide for the expense of showing.

  It was truly a team effort which I was honored to be part of!

  Now that the self blue Ameraucanas are officially recognized, we need to make sure we enter them correctly in the shows by using the name self blue and encourage others to use the correct name.  Now they are eligible to win BB (best of breed) and higher, Best AOSB (best all other standard breed), champion large fowl or show champion.

  We also need to watch out for self blue that are getting too light in color (off white with a light blue tint), like APA district 3 director, well known judge, and 32 year breeders of self blue d'Anver bantams, Tim Bowles, said could happen.  Last weekend at the Ft. Worth poultry show a white/self blue cockerel with a yellow beak and red on his wings was placed as BV instead of being DQ, while there were several very nice self blue with correct color in the show.

  Paul Smith

 Great news, we had 10 APA members (needed 5) to show 6 cocks, 10 hens, 10 cockerels and 16 pullets for a total of 42 head.  We needed at least 5 in each class and an additional 5 for a minimum of 25 head.
The judge Tom Carey, Bart Pals, standard committee chairman and John Monaco, APA president, all commented how good the type was on all the self blue Ameraucanas and how much they have improved.  Color still off on the males and a few of the females.  However, the consensus was that they will be approved at the semi annual meeting the last weekend in January at the Pearl River show in Mississippi.  The APA board will be voting on both the self blue Ameraucana and black Maran.  There was a glitch in both clubs paper work to have the vote take place at Columbus, so we wait in suspense until the final say so!

  It has been a fun but trying experience the past five years in getting the self blue recognized.  I was presented a commemorative award by Lindsay Helton for all the effort of getting the self blue Ameraucana recognized.  It is much appreciated!  Having been through the recognition process makes one appreciate the recognized varieties within the breed even more!

  The ten (in exhibitor order) who made the self blue recognition possible are Patricia Dukes, Barbara Dodington, Susan Mouw, Lindsay Helton, Jean Ribbeck, Paul & Angela Smith, Eric Waterman, Shannon Rowe, Chris Cross, and Dakota's Chickens.  A special thanks to Lindsay Helton who kept count of each class and promoted the show, getting commitments to make sure we could and would meet the numbers required for the meet.  Also a special thanks to Shannon Rowe who took on the responsibility of bringing and showing birds for three other exhibitors from Texas.  We would not have met the minimum required numbers without this special  help from both Shannon and Lindsay!
Also a special thanks to Barbara Dodington who came from Canada, bearing all the extra expenses of crossing country borders!  Thanks to all 10 exhibitors!  This is a group effort that the whole Ameraucana breed will benefit from.  I'm eager to see a Self Blue Ameraucana on Champion Row!
  Now for the 5 placings in each class!

  Cocks 1 Patricia Dukes, 2 Dakota's Chickens, 3 Paul & Angela Smith, 4 Chris Cross, 5 Paul & Angela Smith

  Hens 1 Jean Ribbeck, 2 Lindsay Helton, 3 Lindsay Helton, 4 Paul & Angela Smith, 5 Paul & Angela Smith

  Cockerels 1 Paul & Angela Smith, 2 Lindsay Helton, 3 Shannon Rowe, 4 Lindsay Helton, 5 Lindsay Helton

  Pullets 1 Eric Waterman, 2 Lindsay Helton, 3 Lindsay Helton, 4 Lindsay Helton, 5 Patricia Dukes

  The best variety was the pullet shown by Eric Waterman, and the Reserve Variety went to a hen shown by Jean Ribbeck.

  Sorry, I was so busy that I didn't manage to make any photos of the winning birds.  All my records were given to Jean Ribbeck who is doing a meet report.  Memory says Jerry DeSmidt had BB on a black pullet and Jan Geis M & J Farm had RB on a black cockerel.  There were 101 head of Ameraucana large fowl in the open class.

  Paul Smith

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