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Breeding / Re: Fertility and hatching rates
« Last post by Lisa Helms on June 06, 2018, 10:35:15 PM »
They get a local MFA Chick Starter  (Missouri Farmers Association) feed.   They also get live meal worms I grow for them, plus Sunflower seeds and Oats.  I really think that it is just really healthy stock I started with from Clif Redden.   :)   
Housing, Health & Hatching / Re: Worst hatch rate yet
« Last post by Susan Mouw on June 06, 2018, 08:06:47 PM »
I had horrible fertility issues early in the hatching season this year!  Worst year yet for fertility.  It finally came back up around mid April, but that put us way behind schedule on reservations.  We had some strange weather for SC early this year, which probably contributed to the fertility issues.  Hope next year is better!
Exhibiting & Promoting / Re: ABC Facebook Page
« Last post by Susan Mouw on May 23, 2018, 08:35:36 PM »
This page:

is the official FB page for the Ameraucana Breeders Club.

There are many groups on FB, for discussion and for marketing, such as the Real Ameraucana Group and Real Ameraucana Marketplace, that are not "official" groups for any group, club, or other affiliation.  The Real Ameraucana Group was started by Jean Ribbeck in 2013 and the Real Ameraucana Marketplace was added a bit later.  The posted rules for both groups state they are not official representatives of any club, and club membership to any club is neither required or monitored.

From the pinned post of the rules in the Real Ameraucana group:

"Real Ameraucana Group - The Rules
1.  This group is for the discussion of Ameraucana, and Ameraucana project varieties and is open to anyone that has, breeds, or wants Ameraucana. You do not need to be a member of any club, organization, or group."

Past Meets / Re: Heartland Classic Double Show, 3/10/2018, Anna IL
« Last post by Susan Mouw on May 23, 2018, 05:25:34 PM »
I will be working on Meet Reports, after the deadlines for both APA and ABA Yearbooks have been met.  The APA ads have gone in, but the ABA ad deadline is still a week away.

Once those are complete, I can focus on other non-deadline driven tasks.
Housing, Health & Hatching / Re: Worst hatch rate yet
« Last post by Paul on May 20, 2018, 01:05:15 PM »
  I recommend opening each egg that did not hatch to check for fertility first.  Then to see if the chick drown, which is the results of too much humidity in the incubator.  Fertility can be a problem early in the hatching season, especially in a breeding pen where an old male is used.  Early in the season (Oct. through Jan.) we had a lot of fertility issues, even though lights were on our breeding pens.

  Later we had drowning problems.  I covered half of the water pan with aluminum foil to decrease the humidity in the two older GQF incubators with slow speed fans.  The 1502 which has a high speed fan was kept the same-full size pan without any cover.  The drowning issues was solved when we quit putting the 2nd pan at 18 days.  We put 3 tablespoons of bleach in each gallon of water that is put in the incubators.  This helps keep the air clean inside them!

  I was very surprised to have a high humidity problem as we run a fire place inside our house.  Also we had very little moisture-(rain/snow/sleet), fall, winter and spring.  We have experienced high humidity issues in past years when it rained a lot in the spring.  I remember setting some of the older GQF incubators without any water until day 18.

  This time we would remove the foil at day 18 and only use one full pan.  The 1502 would have the paper filter placed in the pan as usual.

  One more suggestion is to thoroughly clean and disinfect the incubator with 6 ¾ ounce of Oxine in 1 gallon of water after each hatch.  We also wash all eggs in the same solution.  A bad bacteria inside an incubator can cause the chicks to die inside the eggs.  Hope you get the problem resolved soon.  We know how devastating a poor hatch can be-especially when the chicks are sold in advance of hatching.  Normally we hatch about 2,000 a year.  We are way behind at 1,336 with only 2 more hatches to go.  Our next hatch, May 29, is only half what we normally set due to caught-up on some varieties orders.  Our last one may be even less than half.  I think the weather conditions has had a lot to do with low number of orders this year.  Normally we send 10 or more to the Houston area-only 1 this year.  The flood caused a lot of devastation.  The record snow falls in the North hasn’t helped neither.
News and Information / Re: ABA Yearbook ads - Deadline looming!
« Last post by Don on May 19, 2018, 05:01:16 PM »
How many pages of B/W and color do you have at this point? 
When do you think you will be sending out proofs for those ads you have in hand?
Housing, Health & Hatching / Re: Feeding special grains for growth and conditioning
« Last post by Paul on May 19, 2018, 11:43:05 AM »
  We tried sunflower, flax and white German millet seed in the past.  I didn't see any difference in the performance of the birds.  We gave it at least a year's trial before quit adding it to their ration.  The major difference is the cost of feed.  If I remember correctly the flax was almost $50/50 lbs., white German millet $20/50 lbs. and sunflower seed $25/40 lbs.

  We also took corn chops out of the birds ration.  Corn can and will cause purple on black birds.  We now feed, whole wheat, whole oats, soybean meal, fish meal, Vita-Ferm-Cattlemans blend, corn oil, commercial layer mesh/crumbles, grower grit and oyster shell.  We try to raise watermelons and tomatoes to give the birds as treats.  This year has been very adverse growing conditions.  Looks like the watermelon isn't going to preform.
News and Information / ABA Yearbook ads - Deadline looming!
« Last post by Susan Mouw on May 19, 2018, 11:02:35 AM »
I need them by the end of this week to give me time to layout pages and get them to ABA by 6/1.

If you need help with design, let me know.

Exhibiting & Promoting / Re: The ABCs of Meet Reports and Points for the ABC
« Last post by Susan Mouw on May 18, 2018, 09:39:23 PM »
No, points are actually tallied automatically when the show report is entered in the database. Some people like to keep track themselves and some have asked how to calculate them and I thought a document like this would be helpful.
Exhibiting & Promoting / Re: The ABCs of Meet Reports and Points for the ABC
« Last post by Lisa Helms on May 18, 2018, 09:23:27 PM »
So now we have to calculate our own points?    Kind of daunting for new people.
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