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That's good that Barry is looking out for you.  He knew you needed the rest after the long weekend. I wasn't sure who might have gone, but wasn't sure after I did not see any announcements about winnings.  I did not hear anything from Lindsay but knew she had her plate full with the new baby girl too.  Let me know when you talk to them please, so we can let Temple know.  Thanks!    drc 

Exhibiting & Promoting / Re: South East District meets for this fall
« on: October 13, 2018, 02:17:50 PM »
The 2019 ABC National will be announced by the middle on November.  It was discussed at the ABC National Member's Meeting last week that the next Qualifying meet for the Self Blue LF will be required at an APA District meet. The suggestion was made that the ABC National be placed in conjunction with this effort to allow more folks to travel for the combined meets. We are currently trying to find out where these District meets are to be placed in the ABC SE District for 2019.  This Information will be announced here as soon as it is available. 

How did this show turn out, who all showed ?

6 self blue LF

Ha! I didn't see anyone else writing things down and taking pictures.  I guess I just Assumed and you know what that means.   

Check out the threads under "It's the Nationals" for more details as they are available.  the Child boards don't indicate that there are New threads posted.     

It was Great to see all the old faces and meet lots of new folks too.  I know several folks are still traveling to reach home today.   

I was happy to see so many great birds there even though the weather and time of year was still causing so much molt.  And there were many folks that had great wins in both of the shows, new and old exhibitors alike.  Congratulations to everyone again!  I am sure that Paul and Angela will provide a great show report once they get back on their feet at home.   

Now if we could just get someone to decide where the next National was to be held.

Take a look to see what and who is offering items for the auctions.  Drop a note to the contacts listed above if you would like to offer poultry items or birds for the National Show. Birds can be both entered into the show and be lncluded in the auction.

The Childboards do not indicate new discussions on threads. So check out the info for the National meet often and inidicate if you want to donate for the awards or auction.  And the deadline is Sept 14th, coming up really fast.   Good Luck everyone. 

2018 ABC Nationals Greenville OH / Re: 2018 Ameraucana National Meet
« on: August 30, 2018, 01:28:41 PM »
The deadline for the Dayton Feather Fancier's show is Sept 14th, Get those entries in early.
The Show catalog is linked per the PSC listing. I will try to update this if new info becomes avaialble.
This is a Double show in a great facility.  "Snail mail entries are requested"

Send donations or notice of items for special awards or items for the auction to Susan or post them here.
You can donate toward the club variety trophies in either LF or bantam classes too.

Tim Bowles will judge the ABC National, blue card show first.  Over all Champions for the shows will be selected Sunday morning and everyone can coop out after that.

Exhibiting & Promoting / Re: South-Central ABC Meets
« on: August 26, 2018, 01:33:51 PM »
That's a great show and pretty central in my mind. And there is a Lot to see around that area too.  I know the Shawnee APA national is 2 weeks after that date.  What about the other dates, are they pressing that date?  Do you all plan to show at Fayetteville this fall?

Thanks Thomas, I hope you are doing well this season,     I hope folks will see your note here and get in touch.   Anyone who has extras in the SE area feel free to post on this thread. And of course any member is welcome to start a thread in the Ameraucana Market place anytime.   Thanks!    drc

I think we may have found a match for this request so thank you for all of the responses.  It's great to see how people respond to help other breeders who need birds. We did find a breeder in SC that has some extra Wheaten/BW males if anyone is in need of one.    If you do have extras, feel free to let me know and or post them here on the Ameraucana Marketplace.    Have a good night!    drc

We have someone looking for Blue, Blue wheaten or Splash Wheaten (males expecially) that might be close to someone making the trip from Charlotte to Alabama.  drop me a line if you help someone get started.    Thanks   Don Cash 

News and Information / Jeff and Sherry Vance's rebuilding begins
« on: August 07, 2018, 09:31:14 AM »
This is the same message posted in the member's section last week. I know many folks don't log in, so wanted it to be more visible.  Thanks!   drc

Many of you already know that there was an overnight fire at Jeff and Sherry's place a couple of weeks ago, they think caused by a lightening strike.  Thankfully it did not spread the the surround woods and the adjoinning homes. Unfortunately it took most of their young bird coops, brooders, some of their prized brood pens and about 180 birds. Also they lost a good bit of their field records, a fully conditioned building and all of their construction tools. I know that several folks have offered condolances and some have sent money as well.

Jeff has nearly finished the clearing of the site and is planning a slow progressive rebuild. I know some folks have talked with him about getting his lines of birds rebuilt during the next couple of seasons too.  We all wish them a complete recovery of their lines of both Bantam and Large Fowl AMs.

Anyone that would like to contribute to the new construction can contact the Vances the following ways. And anyone that would like to contribute anonomously is welcome to drop me a note to discuss.  Thanks in advance.

Jeff's paypal:
mailing address:   PO Box 380, Brenton WV 24818

Po box 380
Brenton WV 24818

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