Author Topic: Total funds raised from the 2019 ABC National- Reserved for the 2020 National!  (Read 2522 times)

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I wanted to share the total funds raised for next year’s ABC National! Our ABC members were very generous when approached for auction donations, and the folks that bid on the on-site and off-site items were equally generous.

A special thank you to Susan Mouw, Paul Smith, Jean Ribbeck, and Jeff & Sherry Vance who were willing to donate hatching eggs and chicks for the silent auction. I threw in some hatching eggs and chicks too. Thank you to Jerry DeSmidt for supplying a bantam pair for the silent auction.

Thank you Don Cash and Gordon Gilliam for donating three show carry boxes. Thanks to Don Cash for donating a current APA SOP book and an older model APA SOP book.

Thank you to Tractor Supply who awarded the ABC with a $100 gift card which was used in the on-site raffle.

Thank you to James Treadway who built the show boxes for the National.

Thank you to the Vances, who were there from start to finish and helped sell raffle tickets, helped organize the eggs for the egg contest, and did several other miscellaneous things.

If I have missed anyone while giving thanks I will come back and edit the post. :)

The totals for this year were as follows:

$977 Off-site bidding
$392 On-site bidding and raffle
$300 donated by the host club

$1669 in total funds
-$100 for cash prizes
= $1569 in total monies raised for our 2020 National!!! 

The funds for the off-site and on-site winning bidders have been requested.
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Gordon paid for half of the show carry boxes. This is the same vendor he used for the 2017 NC National. He indicated that they were a good draw there too.

James Treadway was the builder. He donated a carry box for the youth awards in addition to giving us a super good deal on those we bought. If you don't have a source for these I would Definitely look at his. He said he has been building these for 50 years since his Dad stopped making them. He typically has a booth at Columbus shows also.

Also Lindsay coordinated a donation for and Built the RV awards which were a very nice shadow box with certificate and ribbon inside. maybe she can post a picture here.  Awards are very expensive now. Even with trying to save and To purchase fewer awards, the cost was $1,000. So donations for awards don't show up as monies raised but certainly help the club.
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