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Ameraucana egg size
« on: January 04, 2023, 11:22:41 AM »
I have received a few emails asking about proper egg size for large fowl Ameraucana.

So how is egg size classified in the first place? Per the USDA, eggs are divided into the following classes based on weight:

SMALL - 1.5 oz
MEDIUM - 1.75 oz
LARGE - 2 oz
X-LARGE - 2.25 oz
JUMBO - 2.5 oz

If we refer to the current APA Standard of Perfection, we find there is not a specification for egg size within the Standard for the Ameraucana breed. In this case, we can simply strive to produce Ameraucana chickens that are of correct size first and foremost, and egg size will follow.

By breeding our Ameraucana towards their standard weights, we can produce pullets and hens that lay eggs of proper size.

The following is a list of other attributes that we may want to keep in mind regarding Ameraucana eggs:

-Egg Color (the Standard calls for them to be blue)
-Age at POL (point of lay) 
-Production Rate
-Egg Shape
-Shell Texture (non-porous)
-Shell Quality (thickness)

Just some things to think about as you are breeding your Ameraucana!

To purchase an APA Standard of Perfection, visit the following link:
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