Ameraucana Breeders Club

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The purpose of the Ameraucana Breeders Club is to encourage the continued improvement of Ameraucana bantams and large fowl through breeding, exhibition, and dissemination of relevant information.

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October 10-11, 2016
OK Club Meet at
Tulsa State Fair Poultry Show, Tulsa, OK
Tulsa State Fair
Contact: Brandi Herndon, (918) 744-1113

October 22-23, 2016
TX Club Meet at
Texas State Fair Poultry Show, Dallas, TX
Texas State Fair
Craig Rounsaville, (214) 207-9370

October 22, 2016
FL Club Meet at
Citrus Classic (Double Show), Inverness, FL
Central Florida Poultry Breeders Association
Contact: Craig Prusansky, (321) 236-1080

October 22, 2016
Ontario Club Meet at
Ontario Poultry Breeders Show, Grassie, Ontario CANADA
Ontario Poultry Breeders Association
Contact: Troy Laroche

October 28-29, 2016
AZ Club Meet at
Apache County Poultry Show (Double Show) St. Johns, AZ
Apache Country Poultry & Four Corners Poultry Association
Contact: Lacy Greer, (602) 686-1817

November 5-6, 2016
National Meet at
Boise Valley Fancy Feather Show, Caldwell, ID
Idaho Bird Breeders Association
Contact: Angie Shingler, (619) 921-6807

November 5, 2016
SC Club Meet at
NOTE: Bantam Only
Low Country Classic (Double Show), Blackville, SC
Sandlappers Poultry Breeders Association
Contact: Lavern Fail, (803) 671-0036

November 5-6, 2016
NE Club Meet at
Nebraska State Poultry Show, Lincoln, NE
Nebraska State Poultry Association
Vicki Gilliam, (612) 384-8217

November 5-6, 2016
AR Club Meet at
Heart of the Ozarks Poultry Club Show, Fayetteville, AR Heart of the Ozarks Poultry Club
Contact: Jacob Bates, (479) 965-5222

November 12, 2016
LA Club Meet at
Gulf South Fall Classic, Baton Rouge, LA
Gulf Coast Poultry Fanciers Association
Contact: William Smith

November 12-13, 2016
OH Club Meet at
Ohio National Poultry Show, Columbus, OH
Ohio National Poultry Show
Contact: Eric Markley, (419) 568-7402

November 19, 2016
LA Club Meet at
Pelican State Classic Show, Haynesville, LA
North Louisiana Poultry Club
Jim Crain, (318) 445-9980

November 26, 2016
South East District Meet at
Forsyth Fowl Fancier Show, Winston-Salem, NC
Forsyth Fowl Fancier Show
Mark East, (336) 341-9281

December 3-4, 2016
TN Club Meet at
Dixie Classic, Knoxville, TN
Tennessee Valley Poultry Club
Contact: Eddie Dunlap, (865) 742-5525

December 10-11, 2016
South Central District Meet at
100th Annual Oklahoma State Poultry Show, Shawnee, OK
Oklahoma State Poultry Federation
Contact: Mike Geis

December 17, 2016
NC Club Meet at
Southern Hospitality Show, Greensboro, NC
Carolina Feather Fanciers
Contact: Kristina Wilson, (585) 472-6698

January 7, 2017
TX Club Meet at
Blue Bonnet Classic, College Station, TX
Brazo Valley Poultry Club
Contact: Eddie Dunlap, (865) 742-5525

January 28, 2017
MS Club Meet at
Pearl River Classic, Columbia, MS
Mississippi Poultry Show Club
Contact: Julie McDonald, (601) 441-4386