Ameraucana Breeders Club Scheduled Meets

The ABC places meets at the request of the membership. Please contact your district director to request a meet. According to the club Meet Policy, “District Directors shall place all district, state, and Club Meets within their district and report the results of meets within their district in the quarterly district report submitted to the secretary/treasurer for publication in the quarterly bulletin.”

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OH National Meet at
Dayton Fancy Feather Club Show, Greenville, OH
Requested by Larry Clionsky
Hosted by Dayton Fancy Feather Club
Contact: Amanda Heitzman, (937) 681-6002

TX Club Meet at
Red River Bantam Club Poultry Show, Gainesville, TX
Requested by Shannon Rowe
Hosted by Red River Bantam Club
Contact: Al Walker, (903) 815-8255

UT Club Meet at
Utah Fancy Poultry Association Show, Farmington, UT
Requested by Michele Muldowney-Stevens
Hosted by Utah Fancy Poultry Association Spring Show
Contact: Michelle Muldowney-Stevens

PA Club Meet at
Lebanon Valley Poultry Show, Lebanon, PA
Requested by Samantha Voges
Hosted by Lebanon Valley Poultry Fanciers
Contact: Keith Lutz or Becky Weaver, (610) 763-9804

WI District Meet at
Beaver Pigeon and Bantam Poultry Show, Reeseville, WI
Requested by Jerry DeSmidt
Hosted by Beaver Pigeon and Bantam Club
Contact: Dan Schwandt, (920) 763-8030

AL Club Meet at
Heart of Dixie Poultry Show, Anniston, AL
Requested by Lindsay Helton
Hosted by Heart of Dixie Poultry
Contact: Sonja Oden, (256) 312-9577

RI Club Meet at
Little Rhody Poultry Fanciers Show, Richmond, RI
Requested by Temple DaSilva
Hosted by Little Rhody Poultry Fanciers
Contact: Don Nelson, (401) 539-7874

NV Club Meet at
Northern Nevada Poultry Fanciers, VC Highlands, NV
Requested by Debra Hogan
Hosted by Northern Nevada Poultry Fanciers
Contact: Diana Monroe, (775) 847-7948

MO Club Meet at
Missouri State Poultry Association Show #1, Sedalia, MO
Requested by Tiffiny Johnston Yoder
Hosted by Missouri State Poultry Association
Contact: Bernita Miller, (660) 647-2474

AR Club Meet at
Heart of the Ozarks - Club, Fayetteville, AR
Requested by Jan Geis
Hosted by Heart of the Ozarks Poultry Club
Contact: Jacob Bates, (479) 965-5222

OH Club Meet at
Ohio National Poultry Show, Columbus, OH
Requested by Hannah Brush
Hosted by Ohio National Poultry Show
Contact: Linda Deitz

TN Club Meet at
Davy Crockett Classic, Lawrenceville, TN
Requested by Lindsay Helton
Hosted by Lawrence County Poultry Club
Contact: Sheila Clanton, (256) 272-5342

OK District Meet at
North American Poultry Breeders - Self-Blue Qualifying Meet, Shawnee, OK
Requested by Paul Smith
Hosted by North American Poultry Breeders
Contact: Jan Geis, (479) 650-4933

NC Club Meet at
Forsyth Fowl Fanciers, Winston-Salem, NC
Requested by Don Cash
Hosted by Forsyth Fowl Fanciers
Contact: Mark East

TN Club Meet at
Dixie Classic Poultry Show, Knoxville, TN
Requested by Lindsay Helton
Hosted by Tennessee Valley Poultry Club
Contact: Eddie Dunlap, (865) 742-5525

LA Club Meet at
Pelican State Classic Show, Haynesville, LA
Requested by Ernie Haire
Hosted by North Louisiana Poultry Club
Contact: Jim Crain, (318) 445-9980

OK Club Meet at
Oklahoma State Poultry Federation Show, Shawnee, OK
Requested by Jan Geis
Hosted by Oklahoma State Poultry Federation
Contact: Mike Geis

NC Club Meet at
Cape Fear Poultry Association, Smithfield, NC
Requested by Susan Mouw
Hosted by Cape Fear Poultry Association
Contact: Donna Worthington

NC Club Meet at
Cape Fear Poultry Association, Smithfield, NC
Requested by Susan Mouw
Hosted by Cape Fear Poultry Association
Contact: Donna Worthington

SC Club Meet at
Low Country Classic, Edgefield, SC
Requested by Susan Mouw
Hosted by HFA - Sweetwater
Contact: Susan Mouw, (803) 508-9794

GA Club Meet at
Northeast Georgia Poultry Association Show - Ylw, Jefferson, GA
Requested by Susan Mouw
Hosted by Northeast Georgia Poultry Association
Contact: Mike Anderson