Ameraucana Breeders Club

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The purpose of the Ameraucana Breeders Club is to encourage the continued improvement of Ameraucana bantams and large fowl through breeding, exhibition, and dissemination of relevant information.

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WI Club Meet at
Northwoods Poultry Fanciers Club Show Athens. WI
Requested by Jerry DeSmidt
Hosted by Nprthwoods Poultry Fanciers Club
Contact: Zach Wrzesinski

TN Club Meet at
Dixie Classic Knoxville, TN
Requested by Dee Chappelle
Hosted by TVPA
Contact: Hope Holt

OK District Meet at
OSPF Shawnee, OK
Requested by Kris Dossey
Hosted by OSPF
Contact: Wade Walker

CA Club Meet at
Pacific Poultry Breeders Association Show Lodi, CA
Requested by Jerry DeSmidt
Hosted by PPBA
Contact: Bruce Sherman