Ameraucana Breeders Club

Self-Blue LF pass final Qualifying Meet! Acceptance pending APA Board Vote in January 2020!

The purpose of the Ameraucana Breeders Club is to encourage the continued improvement of Ameraucana bantams and large fowl through breeding, exhibition, and dissemination of relevant information.

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CO Club Meet at
01/25/20 National Western Poultry Show, Denver, CO
Requested by Jerry DeSmidt
Hosted by National Western Stock
Contact: Brenda Strong, (303) 204-6191

TX Club Meet at
02/08/20 Comanche Crossroads, Comanche, TX
Requested by Aaron Hickson
Hosted by Comanche Crossroads
Contact: Dwayne & Melody Jonas, (325) 948-3046

UT Club Meet at
Utah Fancy Poultry Association Show, Farmington, UT
Requested by Janet Tipton
Hosted by Utah Fancy Poultry Association
Contact: Michelle Muldowney-Stevens, (435) 363-5589

TX Club Meet at
YMBL South Texas State Fair Poultry Show, Beaumont, TX
Requested by Aaron Hickson
Hosted by YMBL South Texas State Fair
Contact: Debra Corbello , (409) 350-2901

CO Club Meet at
Colorado Poultry Association Spring Show, Longmont, CO
Requested by Janet Tipton
Hosted by Colorado Poultry Association
Contact: Derek Brady, (720) 329-6777

OH Club Meet at
Dayton Fancy Feather, Greenville, OH
Requested by Rob Sando
Hosted by Dayton Fancy Feather
Contact: Amanda Heitzman, (937) 681-6002

CO Club Meet at
Mike The Headless Chicken Show & Extravaganza, Fruita, CO
Requested by Janet Tipton
Hosted by High Desert Feather Fanciers
Contact: Linda Lunch, (970) 433-4113

AZ Club Meet at
Apache Country Poultry Show, St. Johns, AZ
Requested by Janet Tipton
Hosted by Apache County Poultry
Contact: Lacy Greer, (602) 686-1817

OK National Meet at
11/7/20 Canadian Valley Poultry Club, Norman, OK
Requested by Paul Smith
Hosted by Canadian Valley Poultry Club
Contact: Richard Peters, (405) 414-5890