Ameraucana Breeders Club

2019 ABC National at Dixie Classic Show, Knoxville, TN Dec 7-8, 2019!

The purpose of the Ameraucana Breeders Club is to encourage the continued improvement of Ameraucana bantams and large fowl through breeding, exhibition, and dissemination of relevant information.

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NY Club Meet at
09/7-8/19 Twin Tier Poultry Club Show, Bath, NY
Requested by Rob Sando
Hosted by Twin Tier Poultry Club
Contact: Robert Whitney, (607) 776-2500

IL District Meet at
10-05-19 Central Illinois Poultry Show, Bloomington, IL
Requested by Gordon Gilliam
Hosted by Central Illinois Poultry Club
Contact: Kurt Gerdes, (815) 712-8625

UT Club Meet at
10/11-12/2019 Utah Fancy Poultry Association Fall Show, Farmington, UT
Requested by Michele Muldowney-Stevens
Hosted by Utah Fancy Poultry Association
Contact: Michelle Muldowney-Stevens

WI Club Meet at
10-12-19 Beaver Pigeon And Bantam Poultry Show, Beaver Dam, WI
Requested by Jerry DeSmidt
Hosted by Beaver Pigeon And Bantam Poultry Club
Contact: Dan Schwandt, (920) 763-8030

OH District Meet at
11-09-19 Ohio National & Self-Blue Qualifying, Columbus, OH
Requested by Rob Sando
Hosted by Ohio National Poultry Show
Contact: Clell Agler

NE Club Meet at
11/23-24/19 Nebraska State Poultry Association Show, Lincoln, NE
Requested by Vicki Gilliam
Hosted by Nebraska State Poultry Association
Contact:Vicki Gilliam, (612) 384-8217

TN National Meet at
12-07-19 Dixie Classic, Knoxville, TN
Requested by Don Cash
Hosted by Tennessee Valley Poultry Club
Contact: Eddie Dunlap, (865) 742-5525

OK District Meet at
12-14-19 Oklahoma State Poultry Federation, Shawnee, OK
Requested by Paul & Angela Smith
Hosted by Canadian Valley Poultry Club
Contact: Mike Geis, (405) 761-8339