Board of Directors
Jean Ribbeck - Western District Director

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Jean Ribbeck resides in Newman Lake, Washington with her husband Rick. She has three children: Christian - 22, Faith - 20, and Grace – 18.

Like most, her first chickens that laid colored eggs were Easter eggers. In 2004 she purchased her first real Ameraucanas from McKinney Poultry. Her first mentor was Paul Smith. At this time, she is breeding five varieties of large fowl and two varieties of bantam ameraucana. These varieties include the chocolate project which she started in 2009.

Pips & Peeps is the farm name Jean picked for her business she started in 2006. She has many show wins under her belt for both ameraucana and Sebastopol geese. She has been a member of the APA since 2008. She has been to the Northwest shows extensively and has traveled to CA, OH and Indiana. She was awarded the Master Exhibitor Award and Grand Master Exhibitor Award from the APA in 2012.

Jean has served on the Board of the Ameraucana Breeder’s Club since 2007. She has held the titles of both President and Western District Director. In 2016 she was presented the Lifetime Achievement Award. She enjoys mentoring members that can relate to her dry humor and straight forward direction.

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