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Jean Ribbeck - President

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Jean Ribbeck resides in Newman Lake, Washington with her husband Rick and three children; Christian - 10, Faith - 8, and Grace – 6. Jean became a “Domestic Engineer” six years ago when her employer was not flexible to allow time off so her middle daughter, who has Down Syndrome, could go to speech and physical therapy.  With more time on her hands, she became more involved with her poultry.  Since then she has been given a new title,“Chicken Lady”.

Like most of the other members her first chickens that laid colored eggs were Easter eggers.In 2004 she purchased her first real Ameraucanas from McKinney Poultry. Since then she has gathered a collection of quality large fowl from some of the more prominent members of the club. At this time she is breeding and working on seven of the eight recognized varieties in addition to splash, splash wheaten and lavender.

Jean’s farm name is Pips & Peeps. She has built up a nice business selling hatching eggs and day old chicks over the past two years. She became a member of the APA last year.  At this time she only goes to Northwest shows, but hopes to travel further as her children get older.

Her dear husband has helped to build her new 16’ X 48’ breeding facility and continues to improve and repair things all the while mumbling something about nuggets with wings and a dwindling bank account.  In her very little spare time, she likes to show her buckskin horse, Scotch, and has high hopes of gardening and canning again in the future.

Jean has served as the past President of the Ameraucana Breeder's Club, and as past Western District Director. She will be serving as the temporary Western District Director, until a new one is appointed.

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Pips and Peeps