Board of Directors
Larry Clionsky - North East District Director

Larry Clionsky

I am a retired Special Investigator from Commonwealth of Pa specializing in Thoroughbred Horse Racing for 37 years. I bought my original flock of Ameraucanas from Wayne Meredith and Mike Gilbert in 1998 and have stayed pretty true to that line of birds ever since. I have bought several birds from great breeders to enhance my flock over the years but my lineage remains the same.

When I first started showing our breed in the NE none of the Judges even knew what an Ameraucana was supposed to look like or any of it's traits. Judge S. Robert Powell was the first to learn about the breed and I won my first show with a black hen because he realized the speciality of the breed and now, Ameraucanas are in almost every poultry show across the country and winning all titles and I would like to believe that I was somewhat instrumental in exposing our breed throughout the East having sold hundreds of chicks in my first five years of breeding.

I am a one man operation and sometimes it takes time to set my breeding pens and get hatching but I usually get going by May thru August. My small farm is located in central Pa, twenty miles north of Harrisburg.

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