Board of Directors
Paul Smith - South Central District Director

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Paul was born in Gainesville, Texas in Sept. 1955 where he grew up on a small family dairy ranch and farm combination. He raised registered Duroc Show Hogs for over twenty years, starting at age 12. There was a 200 head flock of White Leghorn Layers on the family farm, so Paul acquired an early background knowledge of chickens, but no show experience with them until 1999 after acquiring his first Ameraucanas.

He and his wife, Angela, bred & raised the mixed Easter Egg Layers for 5 years before purchasing some large fowl Ameraucanas in black, blue, and silver. Later they purchased a start of wheatens, blue wheatens and buffs. The Easter Egg Layers were soon phased out after acquiring Ameraucanas.

Paul and Angela hatch many Ameraucana chicks each year. They enjoy showing their poultry and participate in several shows a year, mostly within Texas and Oklahoma. At the 2006 National Meet in Frankenmuth, MI, Paul and Angela were awarded the annual A.B.C. Lifetime Achievement Award for meritorious service to the club and the breed. They have shipped thousands of chicks and birds to at least 32 states of the union.  Paul and Angela have attended every national meet since they first became involved, driving many thousands of miles to attend and participate. They have achieved American Poultry Association Master Exhibitor status solely on their Ameraucana winnings. They have been tremendous ambassadors for the breed.

Paul & Angela have one son, Matthew. Paul also has four other sons, John, David, Josh and Ethan. Paul has worked in an Antique European Automobile Restoration Shop since August 1, 1986. Both Paul and Angela are involved in the ministry of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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