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Susan Mouw - Secretary/Treasurer

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Susan and her husband, Barry, live in Aiken, SC where they retired in 2009. While Susan has raised/bred/shown pure-bred dogs and horses all her life, this is her first venture into chickens. Barry, on the other hand, was raised an Iowan farm boy and has raised more chickens, farrowed more pigs, milked more cows, and rode more horses than most.

Like so many who get into chickens later in life, the first venture was with chicks purchased at the local feed store. A flock of hatchery-bred barred rocks and RIRs led to many eggs, but also to many aggressive males and leg scars from painful spurs. Looking for that perfect cockerel - one that would take care of his hens, but not be aggressive to humans, led Susan to the Ameraucana. Her first Ameraucanas came from Huckleberry Farms in upstate SC, with a cock and some chicks that were all hatched out of eggs that came from Jean Ribbeck's farm. Hawkeye, as he came to be known, is now retired and living in his own pen. He does participate in nursery work each spring and teaches the younger cockerels manners.

Since those first Ameraucanas, Susan has branched out into blue, black, and splash, with a couple of young birds from Clif Redden in 2015. She is now on her 4th generation in the blacks, and 3rd generation in blue and splash. She started showing her Ameraucanas in the fall of 2015 and has since garnered recognition in both her blues and blacks with several District Champions, Reserve and CH LF awards, and one Show Champion!

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